Thursday, April 4th 2024 Dave & Chuck the Freak Full Show Download

03:14:19 Download April 4th

Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about Burrito Day, popular slang term from 1800s, book about lonely Canadian librarian in relationship with a bear won prize, getting pulled over, firefighter exposes himself to someone at 7-Eleven, guys snuck onto construction site’s crane, woman had to have jaw wired shut after sucker punch, first person to receive pig organ transplant going home after surgery, comp completes delivery after driver gets arrested, how would you rate your own driving against others on the road, rescuers save rock climbers and a cat, big trade involving the Buffalo Bills, Rasheed Rice addresses his crash, Aaron Rodgers’ performance based pay last year, Tiger Woods prepping for The Masters, guy got The Rock’s autograph tattooed on him now getting free ride to Wrestlemania, Mets honored WWII vet Seymour Wiener, Reacher actor says photographer sexually assaulted him, Hannah Waddingham talks about her role in Game Of Thrones leading to claustrophobia, Rebel Wilson’s memoir, Conan O’Brien will appear on Tonight Show as a guest, 5th Matrix movie is in the works, Happy Gilmore 2, Bill Murray did Garfield because he thought it was written by Coen Brothers, Survivor contestants are filmed while they poop, Chuck makes it to work, Burger King employee held at gunpoint by customer after getting a deal, DoorDash driver pistol whips a woman, fugitive says mocking his receding hairline is out of bounds, Grim Reaper shows up to woman’s funeral because it was her dying wish, what didn’t you know about women before moving in with one?, news anchor allegedly drunk during broadcaster, elderly woman killed during safari after elephant charges and flips vehicle, bank teller saves person from scam, solid gold toilet stolen, macaque stolen, silence therapy, everything bagel ramen, man climbed cellphone tower, flight makes emergency landing family decides to drive instead, man’s home covered in lava then car fell off ferry, dog named Hero saved his owner who fell in a ditch, 17-year-old duck, man hits Walgreens employee with his bible, and more!

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