Radio Chatter with Tobias Forge from Ghost

To say I was pretty excited for this interview would be an understatement. Ghost is one of those bands I've really started to get into the past few years. "Rats" is the first single off of the upcoming album "Prequelle", which comes out on June 1st, and if the first single is any indication about how good this record is going to be, count me in!

Photo By Erik Aratari

The tour brought the band through Detroit on a cold, rainy Saturday in May. A perfect night for rockin' out to Ghost.

There's two things that stick out to me when I meet Tobias for the first time. One is that his English is very good with only a slight hint of a Swedish accent. It was explained to me once that there's two, theatrically, two parts of Sweden. One part has very thick accents, and the other not so much. For example, when I talked with Johannes from Avatar, he has a very thick accent. The other thing I noticed right away was how young he looks. The stage get-up makes him look much older, I'm assuming on purpose.

Photo By Erik Aratari

Tobias told me about the impact Detroit rock n roll had on him as a young kid. We talked about the new album and the road-dog ways the band approaches touring and what success in America means to him. He talks about the new album, keys to success for him and lots more.



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