Radio Chatter with Josh Rand from Stone Sour, Barry Stock from Three Days Grace and Padge from Bullet For My Valentine

It's a hat-trick of guitarists to wrap up the week on Radio Chatter.

First up, it's Josh Rand from Stone Sour. Right off the bat we talked about his recent stint in rehab. He was real open with me about the whole experience. We talked about some of his guitar influences, keys to success, his addiction to vinyl, and more.

Next, it's Barry Stock from Three Days Grace. Of course we had to talk about his monstrous beard and his line of beard supplies. They'll be touring with Avenged Sevenfold and Profits of Rage this summer and he's really excited about that. Barry told me about the process for the new album. We talked about the Stanley Cup finals, Canadian bands, his keys to success as well as success in America, and lots more.

Finally, it's Michael Paget, otherwise known simply as 'Padge'. He told me about the new album that drops on June 29th called "Gravity". He talks me about what music influenced him growing up, the royal wedding, upcoming BFMV tour plans, his keys to success and success in the U.S.A., and more.

(Photo by Simone Joyner/Getty Images)



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