Radio Chatter with guitarist John 5

I'm really pumped to give you this edition of Radio Chatter. I've interviewed John a few times and he never fails to entertain and enlighten. He is one of the most positive guys in this business. I think he wakes up every day pinching himself that he gets to do this for a living and gets to call some of his childhood rock-star heroes, friends. Of course, I had to ask him about how the new Zombie record was coming along....John could not contain his excitement. So excited he compared it to a Beatle record! He talked about how they wrote songs this time around as opposed to the past albums. He told me what he got Rob for his birthday this past week, he explained the crazy story about how he decided to record a live album, scoring films, and a lot more. Oh, he also tells me about a pretty gross 'Spinal Tap' moment that might have been TMI. LOL

Photo by Erik Aratari

His new live album comes out on the 25th. Make sure you check out John 5 and the creatures on tour for the next few months by clicking here. He'll be in Westland at the Token lounge on February 17th if you're in the S.E. Michigan area.

This is killer. Enjoy!