Radio Chatter with Buckcherry's Josh Todd and Andrew W.K.

Last week it was all about the guitarists. Today, it's the singers turn.

Up first it's Josh Todd. Buckcherry is going out on the Gen X summer tour with P.O.D., Lit, and Alien Ant Farm. It will touch down in Novi on June 30th. He told me all about the upcoming BC record and what's going on with that. We talked about who's in the band, go-kart racing and his solo career. He gave me his keys to success and a funny story about what the record company wanted the lyrics to "Lit Up" to be. Hysterical.

 (Photo by Mireya Acierto/Getty Images)

Andrew W.K. is up next. I interviewed him a couple weeks ago at Rock On The Range. He was one of the interviews I really wanted. He's such an interesting guy. He grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan outside of Detroit where I am. We talked a little about that, why he wears all white, his keys to success and, of course, partying.....and more partying. Ha! Plus, he tells me about almost becoming a foreign diplomat, motivational speaking and tons more. It's a really entertaining conversation.



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