Mix Master Mike

Today on Radio Chatter it's legendary DJ Mix Master Mike. This guy has done it all and now he adds a tour with Metallica to his already impressive resume. He talks about being the "high powered appetizer" to get the crowd warmed up for the show. Growing up in the 80's, he applies what he did then, to what he does now.

He'll be playing an after party at the Magic Stick after the show and he tells me what that's all about. I had to ask him about EDM DJ's. I think him and I have the same feelings about that whole 'art' form. He mentioned which band he would love to work with, his RNR Hall of Fame induction, using different songs and sound clips and if he's ever been told to cease and desist, his new virtual reality album and lots more.

Hope you guys dig this. It was fun to talk to MMM. Special thanks to my friend Kid Rock for helping me with some show prep.

(This conversation has NSFW language)