Alice Cooper

What a week. Josh Todd was on Radio Chatter yesterday and Alice Cooper today? Oh, and it's still early. I have some interviews in the can that I'll be posting soon.

 (Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

On to Alice. His new album his coming out this Friday the 28th called "Paranormal". He talks about how much different this album is between working with his original band as well as working with a drummer from one of the biggest bands on the planet. He talks about stage props that might not have gone the way they should've to the recent story about the piece of art he found from Andy Warhol. What's the best advice he gave Rob Zombie? His thoughts on the Hollywood Vampires and the recent deaths of Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington are a couple other things we talked about, plus more.

Alice has always been a favorite of mine and he's a thrill to talk to. Hope you enjoy this conversation. If you do, share it with your friends!