Idiot Criminal Of The Day

Man Shoots Up a Taco Bell Because It Was Closed

Burglars Call 911 For Help Moving Stolen Items

Tech Worker Attempted the Scheme from “Office Space”

A Cell Phone Thief Is Stopped by a Locked Front Door

Guy Complains When He Didn’t Make Police Most Wanted List

Caught Stealing During Walmart’s “Shop With A Cop” Event

How Did a Sex Toy Get a Florida Man Arrested?

A Bank Robber Wrote His Note on His Birth Certificate

Car Thief Named Darrel Busted Because He Bluetooth-Connected Car to “Darrell’s iPhone”

Necklace Leads to Bust of a Nationwide Catalytic Converter Theft Ring

Guy Claims To Be Jason Bourne Before Stripping And Swearing At Cops

A Guy Hides An Illegally Imported A Kangaroo In His Closet

Credit Card Thieves Busted After Using Store Loyalty Card

Florida Man Used His Finger as a Gun to Rob Bank

Half Naked Woman In Trouble After Birthday Celebration

Guy Makes Threats in Character as The Joker Then Claims He was Kidding!

Man Accused Of Selling Stolen Walmart Items In Store Parking Lot!

Man Gets Arrested for Letting His Dog Drive His Car

Meth User Approached Cops and Asked to Be Arrested, So They Did

Guy Breaks into an Animal Shelter and Let a Bunch of Dogs Go Free

DUI Suspect Tries to “Riverdance” Her Way Out of Arrest

Florida Man + Walmart = Trouble!

How many times has a Florida woman called the cops this year?

Why Did a Florida Drug Suspect Tell the Cops to Relax?

Guys Led Cops on a High-Speed Chase Through a Golf Course

A Man Named Le’Genius Was Arrested For Dumb Stuff

Man Busted Stealing a Jet Ski Cause He Didn’t Know How to Swim

Burglar Breaks into Apartment and Steals a Bag of Pierogi

Car Thief Was Released from Jail and Immediately Arrested Again Attempting to Steal a Car in the Jail Parking Lot

MLB Star’s Son Drunkenly Crashed His Car Then Immediately Tried to Sell It

A Florida Man Does Something Nasty in a Surf Shop

Man Doing Something Strange at a Mexican Restaurant Gets Arrested

Two Men Abandoned an Entire House in the Middle of a Road

Woman Called 911 and Twerked When Restaurant Got Her Order Wrong

Woman Drives into Wet Cement While Fleeing the Cops

A Man Rammed Into an Ambulance Because It Was Going Too Slow

Guy Calls Police When a Truck He Stole, Gets Stolen Again!

22-Year-Old Gives Mother’s Day Gifts That Landed Him in Jail

What did a guy allegedly high on psychedelic mushrooms, do in his parents’ car?

TSA Agent Busted For Making Up a Cover for Being Late to Work

Woman Takes Stolen Car to Court Appearance for Car Theft

Two Guys Tried to Poison Their Boss With Eye Drops

Man Tried to Steal a Navy SEAL Vest Used in the Osama bin Laden Raid

Man Busted After Asking Cops To Test His Meth

Why Did a Guy in a High-Speed Chase Refuse to Stop?

Thief Tries to Escape the Cops in a Car That Was Up on Jacks

A Car Thief Parked a Stolen Car in a Place Reserved for Police

Thieves Caused $20,000 in Damage to Steal $200 Worth of Costume Jewelry

Wanted Criminal Arrested After Making a T-Shirt Bragging About His Crime

Naked Man Found Upside Down Behind the Wheel of a Stolen Boat