If you live in Michigan and will be celebrating over Memorial Day Weekend, you and your car can get a free tow home. For the 25th year, AAA is offering their Tow to Go Program, for people who drink too much while celebrating the holiday weekend.

From 6:00 PM this Friday, May 26, 2023 through 6:00 AM on Tuesday May 30th  if you are out, and drink too much, AAA will tow you and your car home for free. The free tow, is within a ten mile radius and is available to AAA members and non members. All an impaired driver has to do is call (855) 2-Tow-2-Go or (855) 286-9246.

Rides are free and confidential, the company only asks that people who use the service tip the tow truck drivers for the free ride. AAA’s Tow to Go program is available to people in the following areas:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Iowa
  • Michigan
  • North Dakota
  • Nebraska
  • Tennessee
  • Colorado (Denver)
  • North Carolina (Charlotte)
  • Indiana (Fort Wayne/South Bend)

Appointments can’t be set, as this program is designed as a safety net, not something to be planned for.

For over 25 years, AAA has provided this service and gotten over 25,000 impaired drivers home safely, with a free tow home for them and their cars. The Tow to Go program is available in the states above, every year on the weekends leading up and through the following holidays:

  • Christmas – New Years
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving

If you’re looking to get out, and get active this Memorial Day Weekend, here are some National Parks in Michigan that you can check out:

Learn more about AAA’s Tow to Go Program on AAA’s official website.

Best Places to Park for the 2023 Detroit Grand Prix

Best Places to Park for the 2023 Detroit Grand Prix

Hear the roar of the engines? The intoxicating aroma of burning rubber? It’s time for the 2023 Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix presented by Lear. And we have been hearing all the rumors and the mystery of where the Grand Prix would be after leaving Belle Isle for the longest time. But it was finalized when the City Council of Detroit approved Penske Entertainment’s plan to move the race to the streets of Detroit on November 3rd, 2021.

The core center of the race will focus around the Renaissance Center and other landmarks like the Hart Plaza, and the Spirit of Detroit statue. According to ClickonDetroit.com more than half the track will be visible for free without the need for a ticket. There will be free viewing platforms constructed along Jefferson Avenue. And entertainment, music, and food will be open to the public in Spirit Plaza, Hart Plaza, and the Riverwalk.

Detroit Grand Prix A Rough Past

The Detroit Grand Prix has a complicated and sometimes rough past going back to 1982. The race has changed venues several times and for a large amount of time, it rested on Belle Isle. But after Covid struck, changes were made. Many residents complained about its presence while many who loved racing thought it was a perfect track. So now it’s time to test out this new track and event to see if it pleases fans and racers alike.

We’re all excited to see what the race will bring. Surely it will create a new atmosphere that will increase travel, tourism, and sales in Downtown Detroit. The race takes place June 2nd – June 4th. Tickets can be purchased right here.

If you are planning on attending the race though, we have a list of possible places you can park and shuttle from.

  • Franklin Garage

    Franklin Garage is the only public parking available within the venue. Space will be very limited and sold in advance. The cost will be $75 per day. You can get that pass here. Also, the following structures within the venue will NOT BE OPEN during the event: Millender Garage, Center Garage, Port Atwater Garage, Beaubien Garage, and River East Garage.

  • The Detroit People Mover

    If you locate a parking structure near the Detroit People Mover that would be idle. There will be a $.75 fee for the one-way trip. Tokens can be purchased at the station. Cash only.

  • The QLine

    The QLine provides another way of free transportation along Woodward Avenue. It connects to Downtown Detroit with Midtown, New Center and North End. You will get off the transit at Congress Stop #1 for the race.

  • Park Detroit App

    The Park Detroit App has tons of info on parking locations all around Downtown. With the app, you can pre-purchase and reserve your parking.