Hey guys I just wanted to wish you all a happy new year! I’m hoping everyone had a wonderful time through the holidays and didn’t stress yourselves toooo much haha. I know I had some much needed time off to just relax, get stuff done, of course partied and celebrated a little, and some days I took to just do absolutely nothing and bundle in a ball of blankets and eat foods. Don’t judge me, you know we all need some of those days! My Christmas was pretty small at my house this year as most of my family members are living in different states but we always manage to Face Time and spread the love in one way or another. I’m closing in on the last several months of my rock girl term and IT HAS FLOWN BY. I feel like I just won, but I am still enjoying my experience, trying my best, and and taking the opportunity for what it is. My challenge to you guys for 2018 is to challenge YOURSELVES. Do something out of your comfort zone this year, push yourself to be uncomfortable so that you can grow, and never stay complacent. Much love to you, your friends and family, and once again, thanks for giving me an amazing year so far as your WRIF Rock Girl.
Xoxox Kara D.