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Part One:  Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about a guy busted after broadcasting himself on Facebook live shooting construction workers with a paintball gun, Johnny Depp  jokes about killing President Trump, Gene Simmons withdraws his request to trademark the metal hand gesture, a grown man that fought a 5 year old, a guy that kidnapped a family and forced them to take him shopping, a dude that called the cops when a one eyed hooker robbed him after she serviced him, the proper etiquette to have at an orgy, and more!

Part Two:  Dave and Chuck the Freak talk about when did Detroit get you?, a guy who set his parents’ house on fire because they wouldn’t let him in, a dude who had a bowl of grapes catch on fire, foods you should never grill, some of the benefits of ejaculating, a woman that pulled a gun on a fast food worker when she was shorted a chicken nugget, some of your favorite candy may disappear, and more!