Saturday9:00 a.m. - Noon


Tiny House Living - 6.15.19

Mark comes in hot this week and tells the tale of his Friday night at the fire smoking two cigars which taste like wolverine butt, what Tom Petty's life would have been like, the difficulties of a cigar lounge, lemon drop bang, Mark & Andy's tiny house sitcom, the situations at DTE and more! 

Are You Gonna Say Words? - 6.8.19

This week starts weird as there is some confusion & miscommunication with the headphones. Dave Grohl pranks a crowd at the scene where he broke his leg, what would happen if we all had amnesia, Jade gets her parents into Breaking Bad, gas station routines,  drive-thru mishaps and more! 

Hand Cam - 4.27.19

This week Andy shares a very detailed theory on spiders in 2019, Mark gets a weird bite on his hand, the weirdest meet & greet situations they've been in, Jade rides a unicorn, straw tribulations, Andy has a life changing Offspring moment, Mark misses another photo opportunity, targeted ads and more! 

Slippidy-Do-Dah - 4.13.19

This week Andy shares his experience in ordering underwear online and a confusing text exchange with his dad about his birthday. Mark has scooter shame and a new pet peeve, DJ Greenbean takes the stage, what happens to Slippidy Do-Dah after he took out Tiger Woods at the Masters, the entertainer's secret and more! 

Emergency Pants - 3.30.19

This week Mark falls off the dieting wagon and learns his body reacts badly to pizza after two weeks of salad, Andy follows Hydrox cookies on Twitter, social media verification, the differences between men & women when they sleep, Nicolas Cage had a weird week, the process of buying clothes online, emergency pants and more!