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Slippidy-Do-Dah - 4.13.19

This week Andy shares his experience in ordering underwear online and a confusing text exchange with his dad about his birthday. Mark has scooter shame and a new pet peeve, DJ Greenbean takes the stage, what happens to Slippidy Do-Dah after he took out Tiger Woods at the Masters, the entertainer's secret and more! 

Emergency Pants - 3.30.19

This week Mark falls off the dieting wagon and learns his body reacts badly to pizza after two weeks of salad, Andy follows Hydrox cookies on Twitter, social media verification, the differences between men & women when they sleep, Nicolas Cage had a weird week, the process of buying clothes online, emergency pants and more! 

Mark & Andy Podcast 3.23.19 - Nine Nips Deep

This week Jade hits up the casino which sparks the conversation of all the odd things that can happen while gambling, the slots & camaraderie at the tables. Mark shares his new three tier driving plan and the issues that can happen while trying to get to work on time, they review the new Motley…

Mark & Andy Podcast 3.16.19 - Andy's Natural Noodle

This week we learn Tequila Andy uses the jukebox at the bar as a weapon, Mark drunk shops for his co-workers on vacation, Andy heads home with pocket beers, Mark & Jade share their vacation excursion stories with Mark snorkeling and Jade getting caught on a rock with Claus, Jade & Andy decide their taking…

Mark & Andy Podcast 3.2.19 - Totz, Motz & Gigglez

This week we learn about Andy's new neck beard "life hack" (if that's what you want to call it), Jade chokes in an office meeting when put on the spot to impersonate Overly Straight Guy Ken, the official name of her hair phobia, Mark rents a jackhammer, Andy has a lot of look-a-likes, a new…

Mark & Andy Podcast 2.23.19 - Shoe Grip, Knee Lube & Soapsman

The studio smells weird this week but Mark, Andy & Jade trudge through to talk about recent coffee tribulations, the most outrageous things you'd buy if you stole a credit card (which leads to stories of a rubber butt), the recent news about Robert Kraft, the oncoming bomb cyclone, the age things break when you…

Mark & Andy Podcast 2.9.19 - Pizza Scream

This week we recap the Man Food & Brews event discussing food in a cup, eating food outside and a Mark & Andy picnic! Plus, Andy's Redline intervention, rhino pills, grubby little hands at the Bloody Mary bar, family relationships at work, Andy ODs on vitamins and more! 

Mark & Andy Podcast 2.2.19 - The Station Is Taking On Water!

This week Mark, Andy & Jade discuss the tradition of groundhogs day and how it would have gone had they used a more wild animal, the current Ted Bundy trend, the station takes on water & causes some deeper issues, Mark's issues with the constant "thank you's," and more! 

Mark & Andy Podcast 1.26.19 - Overly Straight Guy Ken Fills In

This week Andy is out so Mark & Jade call up Overly Straight Guy Ken to fill in. They talk about "Thrash Grass" music, the Canadian mob, The Price Is Right, the story behind Aunt Ken, the time Ken played a prank on the Dave and Chuck show, their lack of knowledge on tires for…