DraftKings Rock & Roll Pre-Game Show


101 WRIF and DraftKings Sportsbook presents The Draft Kings Rock & Roll Pre-Game Show! 

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Each week this season, Jade will be joined by Ryan Ermanni and Braylon Edwards from the Woodward Sports Network for The DraftKings Rock & Roll Pre-Game Show!  They will be live before both home and away games to give a different spin on the “usual” pre-game show to make this one ROCK!  Each week the show will breakdown the game and games across the league, including:


·        Keys to the Game

·        Injury Reports

·        Best Bets For The Week

·        Fantasy Football Questions

·        And more


Plus they’ll be talking Tailgating, Food and Beer, Music, Highlighting Local “Beer League” All Stars, Rock Star Picks For The Week, and much more!

Be listening every week starting Two Hours before Game Time for a Pre-game Show unlike any other….The DraftKings Rock & Roll Pre-Game Show!



I rock the middays on 101 WRIF! I love rock n’ roll, but am also a pretty big sports fan. I love my Detroit teams and love playing golf and softball! If I could have been an Olympic athlete, it would have been for figure skating!

Favorite Sport to Play: Golf
Favorite Sport to Watch: College Basketball
Favorite Tailgate Snack: Pigs In A Blanket
Favorite Tailgate Beverage: Bloody Mary


I’m just a regular guy from the neighborhood who has a couple of pretty cool jobs. I don’t take myself seriously at all. I’m a fairly decent guy. I love spending my spare time with my wife and 2 kids and she didn’t even force me to write that.

Favorite Sport to Play: Baseball
Favorite Sport to Watch: College Football
Favorite Tailgate Snack: Chicken Wings
Favorite Tailgate Beverage: Keg beer in a red solo cup


You gotta meet me to get me!

Favorite Sport to Play: Golf
Favorite Sport to Watch: Saturday Night College Football
Favorite Tailgate Snack: Chili
Favorite Tailgate Beverage: Whatever the tailgate host is offering!


I’m just a regular guy that loves his Sports, Family,  Friends, Pizza, TV and talking Sports for a living. I’m blessed! Go Lions, Giants, Jets!

Favorite Sport to Play: Bowling
Favorite Sport to Watch: NFL Football
Favorite Tailgate Snack: Pizza
Favorite Tailgate Beverage: An ice cold Coke