If you see something, say something.

Given the recent tragic event that took place in Florida and other situations that have occurred throughout the country over the past several years, WRIF would like to unveil our participation in the Beasley Best Community of Caring See Something – Say Something corporate-wide public service initiative.

The goal is to encourage listeners and their families to speak up if they see something concerning on social media, at school or in the community at large.

Social Media

There’s no easy way to say that there’s been a ton of devastating events in America, with 18 School Shootings since January 1.

It’s not an easy feat, but now more than ever, we as Americans have to practice the thought process of “See Something, Say Something.”

While the recent Florida incident had been executed by a student that had already been expelled for unspecified disciplinary reasons according to CNN, it has been shared that the student posted many things on social media leading up to this event that could have prevented this mass shooting incident. It is also rumored that this student was reported to the FBI before the incident occurred.

Applying this into daily life, as people, we should not only be monitoring the people around us but teaching our children to speak up to their parents if they see something out of the ordinary is now a must in this day and age.

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Warning Signs

As the country mourns another tragic school shooting, parents, especially those of teenagers, are coming to grips with how to monitor the behavior of their children and identify warning signs in order to prevent another mass shooting.

There are four simple, but important ways parents to monitor and be aware of what’s going on in their teenagers lives, and recognize any potential warning signs.
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