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Mark & Andy Podcast 01.06.18 - Kettle Chip! Kettle Chip! Baked! Baked!

Mark and Andy are back in the studio after a quick holiday break and recap what happened over the last few weeks. Things got dicey the Friday before New Years at the bar with Andy & Jade, rating friends, Mark's mishaps on Christmas, the bitter cold, playing the lottery at the bar, the latest vending…
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Mark & Andy Podcast 11.25.17 - Snapchat Almost Ruined Everything

This week Mark and Andy talk about another issue Mark had while trying to get to work, how Snapchat almost ruined everything when it made a call while naked, their unseen clam photo from Las Vegas, Mark & Jade's low tolerance for buffoonery and Jade's new nickname being "Carolina Reaper", appropriate conversations to have at…
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