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Mark & Andy Podcast 4.28.18 - Destination Green Bean

The show starts with Andy being confused that Jade's mushy oatmeal is frozen yogurt then, they talk about the football draft, Jade's confusion with Andy's video games, the goose poop conundrum on the kitchen counter at the radio station, Jade's fear of Stranger Things, Destination Green Bean, the Korean Secret Service and more!
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Mark & Andy Podcast 01.06.18 - Kettle Chip! Kettle Chip! Baked! Baked!

Mark and Andy are back in the studio after a quick holiday break and recap what happened over the last few weeks. Things got dicey the Friday before New Years at the bar with Andy & Jade, rating friends, Mark's mishaps on Christmas, the bitter cold, playing the lottery at the bar, the latest vending…
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Mark & Andy Podcast 11.25.17 - Snapchat Almost Ruined Everything

This week Mark and Andy talk about another issue Mark had while trying to get to work, how Snapchat almost ruined everything when it made a call while naked, their unseen clam photo from Las Vegas, Mark & Jade's low tolerance for buffoonery and Jade's new nickname being "Carolina Reaper", appropriate conversations to have at…
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