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CheckpointXP Daily

Checkpoint Daily breaks down the biggest stories in esports, gaming, and geek culture. From Cosplay to consoles and everything in-between, we have you covered.

Hosted by gamers and video game journalists, Norris Howard, Kali Scales, and Chadd Callahan. They’ve got your daily update on all the things you love in 30 minutes or less.

392 episodes

Balenciaga Bus

36:34 Download September 20th

Twisted Metal Mack

29:11 Download September 15th

Big Dog Sony Back?

39:33 Download September 10th

Zedd + Valorant = $$$

31:10 Download September 9th

Twitch Vs. YouTube

48:18 Download September 3rd

The Tatman Cometh

35:20 Download September 1st

Gamescom Cometh!

33:22 Download August 25th

FaZe McDouble

32:54 Download August 5th

Apex Predators

35:53 Download July 23rd

Gacha Netflix?

24:17 Download July 21st

The Lesser Loki

34:20 Download July 19th
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