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Must Haves

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Schitt’s Creek is giving us some of the most iconic lines of the last five years. The show’s comedic timing and wholesome and screwy Rose family helped Schitt’s Creek secure critical acclaim and a massive cult following. And because I adore Schitt’s Creek so much I just had to put together an awesome and fun list of Schitt’s Creek gifts that any fan will love.

  • Rose Apothecary Sweatshirt

    Okay, tell me you wouldn’t wear the heck out of this Rose Apothecary sweatshirt. The Rose Apothecary shop and logo design is one of my favorites from the TV series. You’ll be rocking your best Schitt’s Creek fan life with this find.

    Get It Now From Etsy
  • Schitt’s Creek Hand Towels

    Fold The Cheese, Stop Acting Like A Disgruntled Pelican, and so many other sayings from the Roses are now available on this super fun kitchen hand towels. You pick 2 of the 12 quotes that will fit your home perfectly. 

  • David Fridge Magnet with Changeable Sweatshirts

    David Rose’s outfits were so awesome. This super fun fridge magnet allows you to change up David’s outfit every day, just like he does. This even comes with my favorite lightning bolt sweatshirt! 

    Get It Now From From Etsy
  • Rosebud Motel Room Key Chains

    Okay, retro hotel and motel key chains are a hot new trend that I’m obsessed with. These keys are inspired by the actual motel keys in the show, you can even check out the screenshots of the show on the product page to see!

    Score Yours Now From Etsy
  • Moira Prayer Candle

    These prayer candles have been going around for so long! But I especially love this Moira one because it’s Moira in her iconic pope outfit from David’s wedding. This is a fun gift or desk trinket for all Schitt’s Creek lovers. 

    Snag One Here From Etsy
  • Rose Apothecary Tote Bag

    Okay you know I love the Rose Apothecary items. So obviously, the tote is a Must Have! This is inspired by the actual Rose Apothecary tote bags that patrons of David and Patrick’s store received after they bought their items. I can easily see myself carrying around my books, wallet, sunglasses, and so much more in it.

    Get One Here On Etsy
  • Schitt’s Creek Face Masks

    Need a fun mask to mask up again? These are awesome cloth Schitt’s Creek patterned face masks that are handmade and come with a nose wire so you can keep it close to your face. 

    Get Yours Now From Etsy
  • “Ew, David” Tumbler

    Alexis Rose saying Ew, David!” only happens TWICE in the series?! Can you believe that? The line is so iconic and associated with Alexis so often that it’s shocking it only happened twice. Now you can grab this super cute stainless steel, laser engraved tumbler with the line on it and even part of David’s face.

    Get One Here From Etsy
  • Moira Birthday Card

    Want a Happy Birthday card for the Schitt’s Creek fan you love. This fun Moira birthday card can only be heard for me in Catherine O’Hara’s languid dialect.

    Get Yours Now From Etsy
  • Best Wishes Warmest Regards Sticky Notes

    Best Wishes, Warmest Regards comes from the Season finale of the first season of Schitt’s Creek. These fun sticky notes not only have this quote on it, but also cute character designs of the Rose family including Stevie and Patrick!

    Get It Now From Etsy
  • A Little Bit Alexis Mug

    Annie Murphy singing “A Little Bit Alexis” still has me in stitches every time I see it. Especially because it’s such an Alexis thing to do. You can grab this fun A Little Bit Alexis Mug from Etsy right now.

    Get It Here From Etsy
  • Schitt’s Creek Pencil Pack

    I love pencil sets like these! These handmade pencils feature 5 fun and hilarious lines from the show. You can also get them in a wide variety of colors.

    Buy It Now On Etsy
  • Jazzagals Acapella Group Tee

    We all love the Jazzagals! If you’ve had a longing to feel like you are a part of this super fun acapella group, now you can grab a Jazzagals t-shirt. It is available in many colors and sizes!

    Pick It Up On Tee Public
  • Alexis’s A Necklace

    Are you the Alexis of your family? Then you obviously need an A necklace, duh. I mean even if your name isn’t Alexis you can always cosplay or dress up as her for Halloween and you can sport this cute necklace!

    Score Yours Now From Etsy
  • The Crows Have Eyes 3 T-Shirt

    Okay, you can’t tell me you didn’t want to see the full-length version of The Crows Have Eyes 3? This tee will just have to suffice.

  • Character Earrings

    Speaking of jewelry how cute are these! These Character earrings feature the Rose’s faces, and some fun Fold the Cheese and Rose Apothecary designs. They’re handmade from basswood and all the metal is hypoallergenic stainless steel.

    Grab One Here From Etsy
  • Moira Rosé Fruit Wine Adhesive Label

    Herb Eslinger’s Fruit Wines episode still has me cracking up when I think about it. So these fun Moira Rosé Fruit Wine Adhesive Labels had to make this list. Just remove the label from a favorite bottle of wine (may require soaking in water), clean and dry the wine bottle, and then apply the Moira Rosé Fruit Wine label.

    Grab It Here From Etsy
  • Herb Ertlinger Fruit Wines Shirt

    Speaking of Herb Ertling’s fruit wines, how about a fun t-shirt inspired by the delicious fruit wines? Best part, diehard fans will absolutely know where this shirt comes from!

  • Love That Journey For Me Enamel Pin

    The number of times I’ve said “Love that journey for you,” since Schitt’s Creek started is appalling. If you’re an enamel pin collector, like me, this is the perfect find for you! This gorgeous pin will look so cute on a denim jacket or even your backpack.

    Get Yours Now From Etsy
  • Rosebud Motel Follow Us On Tweeter Sticker

    I love Johnny Rose. I love his character growth and I love how hard he tries. The cutest scene in season 4 of the show when Alexis tries to help the motel get better promotional items and the cards end up saying “Follow us on Tweeters” is so precious because Johnny really tried. You can grab this super cute vinyl stick of this that will go beautiful on any Hydroflask, notebook, laptop, etc.

    Get It Now From Etsy
  • David Rose Mousepad

    Update your office with this fun David Rose mousepad. This hand-drawn, Ew David mousepad is 8” L x 9.5” W x ¼” H and has a heat-resistant polyester surface and non-slip rubber so that you can easily glide your mouse while the mouse pad safely stays in place.

    Get It Here On Etsy
  • Moira Bébé On Board Car Decal

    Like I said, I love the way Catherine O’Hara says “Bébé” in this series. It’s so funny. Now if you have a little one you can use this funny Schitt’s Creek-inspired Baby On Board Car Decal to not only let people know you have a baby in your car, but also that you’re a huge shits creek fan.

    Buy It Now On Etsy

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