Whether you’re a fan of superheroes or not… you know that superheroes and the franchises around them are huge to our pop-culture society. Heroes come in all shapes, races, and sizes and they know that with great power comes great responsibility. Whether you lean to the side of “truth, justice and a better tomorrow” OR “if we can’t protect the Earth, you can be damn sure we’ll avenge it” of the DC vs. Marvel battle, or any other hero not part of those franchises… we all have a favorite hero.

Here are our on-air staff’s favorite superheroes:

  • Jade Springart

    Jade’s favorite superhero is… SUPERMAN! And here’s why:

    “Superheroes are not exactly my thing, but I’ll go with Superman because my grandpa was a big fan (although he was a much bigger fan of Donald Duck, in fact, his entire bathroom was a Donald Duck theme). I’ve also always been partial to any female superhero because well, WOMAN POWER!”


  • Meltdown

    Meltdown’s favorite superhero is… DEADPOOL and BATMAN!

    “Deadpool… end of discussion! LOL. If I had to pick, Batman would be on the list for sure. I’m not a huge superhero guy…”

  • Screamin' Scott

    Screamin’ Scott’s favorite superhero is… SUPERMAN! And here is why:

    “My Super Hero has always been Superman. In fact, with my cheesy band, I wear a pair of Clark Kent style glasses while doing benefits. Somehow it gives me the confidence to ” Do Good” when helping others in need.”
    Screamin' Scott's Band
  • Chuck Bean

    Chuck Bean’s favorite superhero is… X-MEN and TRANSFORMERS (plus some more)! Here is why:

    Nerdradio listeners are well aware of my love of both X-men and Transformers as well as the fact Nightcrawler is my favorite X-man. (No matter what terrible things Al and James make up about him.) I’ve also been a huge fan of Hawkeye, both Clint Barton AND Kate Bishop since the 2012 series written by Matt Fraction and penciled by David Aja, and I love the Spider-Gwen variation from the Enter the Spiderverse movie because her costume is so awesome!”

  • Steve Black

    Steve Black’s favorite superhero is… SPIDER-MAN! And here’s why:

    My all-time favorite is Spider-Man. In addition to being perhaps the coolest of superheroes, the stories seem to work well in every format. From the actual comic books themselves to animated features to modern films and of course video games. Something about that crafty spider-bitten teenager makes for great storytelling.

    Would also like to give honorable mention to the green lantern. I absolutely adore the concept of powers that are really only limited to the wearer of the ring’s own imagination”.
  • Jonel

    Jonel’s favorite superhero is… BATMAN! Here’s why:

    Without a doubt, hands down, my favorite superhero is Batman. I have a decent collection of graphic novels and random memorabilia. It’s always stood out to me that Batman accomplishes what he does as an ordinary man with no extraordinary powers. I like seeing his story retold and reimagined. Never gets old to me. “

    Jonel Batman Figure Jonel Batman Collection

  • Anne Erickson

    Anne Erickson’s favorite superhero is… DANGER MOUSE and BATMAN! Here is why:

    Okay, I don’t know if Danger Mouse technically qualifies as a Super Hero, but I’m going to give him that badge of honor. I was obsessed with Danger Mouse as a kid and will never forget my excitement when I got to have my own Danger Mouse birthday party. Danger Mouse was the “World’s Greatest secret agent,” a mouse who could do so much. Do yourself a favor and look up the vintage videos online. 

    Batman is another one of my favorite superheroes. I always liked him way more than the other big names, like Spider-Man or Superman. (Sorry, guys!) I love the gothic, dark nature of the Batman comics and the unique, mysterious aura of Batman. He’s my fave!”

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