Who’s Going to Voice Rick and Morty Now? Maybe you?

Wow! 48 hours and everyone connected to Justin Roiland are dropping him like he’s hot! But who’s going to be the next Rick and Morty? Adult Swim posted a tweet showing that Season Seven will continue on without Roiland. And Hulu dropped him from Solar Opposites and the new Koala Man.

It’s been only a little over 48 hours but speculations on how the next season and beyond will proceed. Many cartoons are not alien to changing their characters’ voices for whatever reason with various results. Sealab 2021 lost Harry Goz as the voice of Captain Murphy after season 2. The show did not go past season 3 after they wrote Murphy out of the show. And with good cause, sometimes losing a character like that is just too much.

Family Guy and the Simpsons replaced characters/or voices that were racially insensitive. And Squidbillies fired and replaced a regular. And this happens in non-animated shows all the time. Rosanne actually replaced the main character, which the show is named after, following the star’s tweets.

Screenrant.com suggested a great idea for Season 7 of rotating voices. Perhaps in every episode, a different duo takes the mantle and becomes Rick and Morty. Maybe it could be an interactive test run. The fans could decide who they like the best!

Adult Swim has said they will go into Season 10 without Justin, so that leaves a window up for someone to step to voice Rick and Morty, but who? Many names are flying around, but twinfinite.net had some solid and (some not-so-solid) ideas for who could. Who do you think could do it? Do you have the voice talent chops? I can do a solid Yoda, but I’ve never tried Rick and Morty. 

2013 Summer TCA Tour - Day 1 Rick and Morty

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JULY 24: Producers Justin Roiland (L) and Dan Harmon speak onstage during the Adult Swim: Rick and Morty panel at the Turner Broadcasting portion of the 2013 Summer Television Critics Association tour at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on July 24, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)


  • 1. Sean Kelly

    Who? If you are on TikTok and are a Rick and Morty fan, you might be aware of SeanKellySays. And I got to say he is really spot on. He has even gotten notes from Justin Roiland on how to slightly tweak the voice to perfection. I couldn’t imagine getting it much closer.

  • 2. Christopher Lloyd & Michael J. Fox

    Talk about a stretch! While it is obvious that both Rick and Morty are based on Marty McFly and Doc Brown, it might be a lot to ask. Christopher Lloyd is pushing 84 and Michael J. Fox is 61. While they both looked good in the mock trailer/movie of Back to the Future 4 (fanmade?), I am not sure they would be willing to do three or four years of a cartoon show. Maybe?

  • 3. Danny DeVito & Charlie Day

    I never thought about these two compared to Rick and Morty, but now I can’t unsee it! I really think these two together would be different and hilarious both on screen and behind the scenes. What would Danny Devito’s take on Rick be? I want to see this happen now! Who would do which role?

  • 4. Maurice LaMarche & Rob Paulsen

    Not famous by face, but you’d probably know these two better as the voices behind “Pinky and the Brain”. They have already voiced Rick and Morty also (not sure of the context, but they have thousands of voices on their resumes).

  • 5. Billy West

    Anyone that knows Futurama will recognize Billy West’s talent as the voice of Fry, Zoidberg, Professor Farnsworth, and many others. He also was Nickelodeon’s go-to choice when they had to let John Kricfalusi go, as the voice of Ren. I sure didn’t notice the change in voice and I love Ren and Stimpy.

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