Top Awesome Horror Movies on Amazon Prime to Watch Right Now

Just maybe not at work. You might get some looks if they hear screaming coming from your cubicle. I was going to do a list of Netflix, and Netflix does have some good Horror movies, like Get Out, Jaws, and US. But for my Horror watching this season, I’m looking at Amazon Prime this year. And I’m going to tell you about some awesome horror movies on Prime to watch.

There are so many streaming services to choose from now. You have Hulu, Peacock, Amazon Prime, Showtime, HBO, and Netflix to name a few. Who else am I missing? Kind of ironic as we wanted to cut our way from cable and have lower bills. And now we probably have higher bills as we try to consume all the content across all the platforms.

Hulu comes packaged with Disney so that’s a no-brainer for someone like me with kids. But I am really looking at Amazon Prime as my Horror go-to for this Halloween.

Hey, one little bonus, being broke I’ve learned some ways to save money. One of the cool things about Amazon Prime is that they have a lower price tier for low-income. Took me a long time to figure that out, but it saved me a ton of money.

Horror Bargains!

My wife and I love to thrift and one of the things she loves to look for is Horror movies. Horror movies though are coveted by Horror fans. Because I almost never see a Horror movie for sale in any bins or maybe they are snatched up quickly.

And everyone has become sick of a physical product. We’ve moved on from Beta to VHS to DVD to Blue Ray to Streaming. I’m learning to live with that. I understand the need for physical comfort of a physical product and that’s the same reason I want those old-school GIANT VHS video store horror display boxes. You remember? They were fancy sometimes with lights or embossed or raised surfaces and huge!

Here are some of the best Horror movies on Amazon Prime right now (in my opinion). What did I miss? Is there a better streaming service for Horror I should use? Also, these are horror movie trailers so maybe keep Grandma at bay unless she’s some seriously cool grandma who just loves Freddy Kruger and Saw movies.


  • Evil Dead 2 (1987)

    Can you get any more local than Evil Dead? Michigan natives Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi give us another adventure of Ash Williams. You have to love the mix of comedy and horror to really appreciate the Ash series. I cannot recommend the Ash Vs Evil Dead enough! I loved that show and it ended perfectly. Which I believe went from Netflix to now being on Starz, but you can get it on DVD/Blue Ray also.


  • M3GAN (2022)

    M3gan is a new take on the “animated toy decides to murder you” theme. Chucky had that title for a long time. I don’t know if M3gan will knock him off that very exclusive podium, but she did make a good attempt. Watching her climb and contort her body was a highlight of horror. Plenty of room for a sequel too.

  • Hellraiser (1987)

    The whole mythology around this movie and series I find fascinating. Almost like super evil villains. REALLY evil supervillains. Humans desiring power think it’s best to make deals with demons and of course, that doesn’t go as planned. The sequel Hellraiser 2 is really good too. Maybe even better than the first. Which is also on Prime.

  • Nope (2022)

    Written, directed, and produced by Jordan Peele, Nope left critics raving and wanting more. And Peele has been pumping out quite a few horror movies such as US and Get Out. Still have to put US on the rotation, but Nope definitely takes horror tropes and flips them.

  • Puppet Master (1989)

    Back in the day, there was a rampant amount of quick cheesy, and cool movies that came out by Full Moon Pictures. But my favorite of that series is Puppet Master. Yes, another toys go crazy and kill movie. But this one is neat because the puppets all have such unique characters to them. The leech puppet…gets me every time. So gross. There are 15 films in all. 11 main, one cross-over, a reboot, and two spin-offs. And OMG, that narrator for the trailer is so good.

  • SAW 1, 2, 3, and 4 and more! (2004 - 2008)

    Amazon Prime has a slew of the Saw movies. Start with the original and follow Jigsaw on his adventure to really inconvenience people with terrifying booby traps. And sometimes these victims did crimes that are particularly laughable in comparison to the punishment! Don’t give Jigsaw the wrong change or you might end up with a key in your head to a bomb strapped to your groin!

  • C.H.U.D. (1984)

    Say it with me Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers. This is the perfect level of cheese and weirdness that makes a great ’80s horror movie. People end up missing, people check sewers, find monsters, monsters get mad, city gets overrun. There were so many movies like this in the ’80s and C.H.U.D. just really stands out. I could go all night, but that was just some of the MANY horror movies on Amazon Prime.

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