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There are no shortage of ways that you can end up in the Emergency Room. Sometimes, it’s something completely unpreventable. Other times, it’s something that certainly could have been prevented with a little common sense. These 7 strange items have been found inside people’s bodies.

According to Fox News, in 2021, foreign objects stuck in people’s bodies was the ninth leading cause of accidental injuries that led to trips to the emergency room. Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that in 2021 nearly 278,000 adults in the United States went to the E.R. due to some sort of object being stuck inside their body.

Objects Found Inside People’s Bodies

Regarding these objects being a common reason for trips to the Emergency Room, Dr. Marc Spiegel, a clinical professor of medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center, told Fox News, “Foreign objects being stuck in strange places is predictable at number nine, when you consider that more than half are sex toys.” He continued, telling Fox News, “But there is also the factor of people absentmindedly poking themselves with objects, especially in the nose, ears, and mouth.”

This makes sense. Adult toys are often designed and intended to go inside of our bodies. Accidents can happen, they can get stuck, and that will indeed lead to a trip to the Emergency Room. While it may be embarrassing, I think we can all understand that it happens. What’s not as common are random items getting stuck up noses that are not intended to go up there.

That Doesn’t Belong There!

Emergency Room doctors have seen it all…and then some, I’m sure. Look around the room you’re in now. I’d be willing to bet there are at least ten objects within grabbing distance that could fit inside one of your orifices. It might take a little effort, but they can fit if you want them to. Now, the shocking thing about the data that Fox News is talking about is that it specifically states “adults.” Most of these items I could see a child easily getting stuck up their nose, or swallowing on accident. An adult ending up with these things inside of them somehow feels less accidental and more…on purpose.

Here are seven strange items that have been found inside people’s bodies. All of these things led to a trip to the Emergency Room. It shouldn’t have to be said, but I’m going to say it anyways. Please, don’t try any of these at home. Don’t become a story.

  • Batteries

    Duracell batteries

    You don’t want these up your nose! (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    According to Fox News, Dr. Marc Siegel once treated a 10-year-old patient whose nasal passage was clogged and causing them a lot of pain. Dr. Siegel says it took him a while to figure out that the child had stuck a battery up there. Dr. Siegel told Fox News, “Luckily, it didn’t leak and we were able to get it out.”

  • Orange Peel

    Oranges growing on a tree

    Oranges may smell good, but they don’t belong up your nose. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Fox News points out that someone had to go to the ER because they had an orange peel up their nose. Definitely not where that belongs. At least everything would smell good for a while…

  • Magnets

    Magnets are likely one of the most common items discovered in bodies, especially in younger people. Their shape can make them dangerous and easy to swallow. It’s important to always pay attention to children around magnets. They can be swallowed, put up noses, in ears, basically anywhere you could think of!

  • Battleship Game Piece

    Popular board game Battleship

    Battleships are known for being sunk, not stuck. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Fox News mentions that someone had to visit the Emergency Room because they put a game piece from the game Battleship up their ear. While it may be off the board, and a good place to hide a ship from being sunk, it’s not a smart idea. It can be stuck up their and difficult to get out. Another good reason to pay extra close attention when kids are playing games. Especially games with tiny pieces like Battleship.

  • Plastic Sword

    Plastic items like a sword that was washed ashore

    Plastic items like these have been found up noses (Photo by Agung Parameswara/Getty Images)

    Plastic items are commonly found in the body inside the Emergency Room. They can be found in the stomach, nose, ear, or anywhere you can imagine. According to Fox News, someone went to the ER because a plastic sword was stuck up their ear. That must hurt. Even though it’s plastic it still has a pointy edge! Ouch.

  • Steak Knife

    cuts of steak

    Steak knives are for steak, not swallowing! (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    Fox News says that someone had to go to the Emergency Room because they ingested a steak knife. I mean I’ve heard of the circus performers who swallow swords, but I don’t think you’re supposed to try that at home. Why would anyone try that? I wouldn’t want to swallow a spoon, let alone a knife. Eek!

  • Darts

    Dart board with darts in it

    I’d prefer my darts to land in the bullseye than my stomach (Photo by Alex Davidson/Getty Images)

    I’ve had some wild horrible dart throws in my day. However, even the worst throw only ends up on the wall instead of the board. I’ve never had a dart end up inside my body. It has happened, though. According to Fox News, someone has had to visit the Emergency Room because they ingested darts. Why would anyone think about putting a sharp object anywhere close to their mouth? I don’t understand people…

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