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Cort Freeman

Fans enjoying a reggae concert outside (Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

When it comes to movies, I typically don’t like remakes. However, when it comes to music, I love a good cover. A cover song is different than a movie remake because it can still be unique and have a different flavor. Unlike that new live-action Aladdin movie where the script was the exact same! They’re just real people now! Ugh. If you’re like me and love quality cover songs, I have good news! The Step Beats are on the rise delivering amazing covers of your favorite hits.

The Step Beats are a reggae band and the way they’re making these cover songs is nothing short of incredible. They’re taking hit rock songs (for the most part) and infusing their unique reggae sound into them, creating what sounds like a brand new song–but it’s not. Sometimes, you’ll hear a cover song that’s just a band playing a different band’s song. They’ll play it the same way the other band did, the way it was intended. Which is great! I love ‘Mary Jane’s Last Dance’ by Tom Petty, regardless of who’s singing it. However, when a band can make a cover their own, that’s much harder to do. The Step Beats have found a way, though.

I’ve long been a fan of reggae music. It’s chill, relaxing, and always easy to listen to. My playlist is always full of songs from bands like Iration, Rebelution, The Elovaters, and more. Now, The Step Beats have become one of my most listened to bands, and their songs are all covers! It blows me away how they’re able to take another band’s song and put their own stamp on it. All bands perform covers, let’s be honest. However, not all can make that cover their own. It’s an incredible accomplishment. Especially from a band that not many people have heard of…yet.

No joke! They’re so new and fresh to the game that there isn’t a lot of information about the band available to the public. According to the band’s Instagram account, they are “a rock band that plays reggae music.” Outside of that, you have to really do some digging to learn more about the band. Thankfully,, was able to have a chat with The Step Beats so we all can learn more about them. According to, the band is just two guys! That’s it! Listening to their songs, you’d expect a full multi-piece band and several producers. Not the case! They’re doing it all themselves, which makes their story even better.

Now, enough talking! Check out some of The Step Beat’s amazing covers below!

The Step Beats Play Covers Of The Hits

  • Incubus - "Drive"

    Incubus is one of my favorite bands of all-time. I’ve seen them countless times and they always leave me impressed and wanting more. So, when I say The Step Beat’s cover of “Drive” could beat the original, you know that’s a statement that means something. It has a lot of the same characteristics and sound of the original, with an added reggae flavor.

  • Fastball - "The Way"

    “The Way” by Fastball is a timeless gem. The Step Beats made it reggae and it’s insanely catchy. It has the same vibe as the original, with a little extra umph. I’m here for it.

  • Cracker - "Low"

    Here, The Step Beats cover Cracker’s hit and make it their own. Fans of the original song will still like it, and it has the ability to bring in new fans who didn’t know the song previously. “Low” has been covered many times over the years, but this one stands out as one of the best.

  • Marcy Playground - "Sex & Candy"

    Man, this song is nothing short of iconic. Before listening, I couldn’t picture it done in a reggae way, and I admit I was wrong. They nailed it. It’s chill and easy listening at its best. You can put it on in the background and just vibe. Awesome cover here.

  • Pixies - "Where Is My Mind?"

    Heavy on the bass, and lots of those reggae strums. This is an awesome cover of an iconic song. They did a great job staying true to the original while mixing in their unique sound creating a one-of-a-kind cover.

  • Radiohead - "Creep"

    When you think reggae, you probably think of good vibes. At least, that’s what I think of. This reggae cover, isn’t exactly that. Radiohead’s “Creep” is a darker song and The Step Beats keep that tone in their cover, while implementing reggae sounds. You wouldn’t expect it, but it works.

  • Eagle-Eye Cherry - "Save Tonight"

    I think we can all agree “Save Tonight” is one of the best songs ever written, right? I’ve never heard anybody be like “nah I hate that song.” It just doesn’t happen. Personally, I think I may like the reggae version even more, somehow. It’s catchy, upbeat, and a different take on the song that you’ve probably never heard. Definitely one of my favorites by them.

  • Haddaway - "What Is Love?"

    Try to listen to “What Is Love?” and not do the head bobbing dance from A Night at the Roxbury. You can’t do it! It cannot be done! This is the most unique version I’ve heard of this song. You don’t hear many covers of it because it was a dance club song. However, The Step Beats proved it can be done. Their cover is totally unique and they did a great job making it their own as if it wasn’t even a cover at all. Hearing the song in a reggae version is unbelievable. It’s like…a real song and not just a joke from a movie. That’s impressive to do!

  • The Wallflowers - "One Headlight"

    You can’t talk about timeless songs without mentioning “One Headlight.” Decades have passed and the song is still as popular as it ever was. Now, it’ll live on even longer because The Step Beats covered it. The cover remains slow and steady like the original, but adds a different beat that you can vibe along to. They gave the song new life!

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