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Everything Detroit – Fueled By Celsius Essential Energy Drinks

Sebastian Bach and Meltdown.

In a recent interview with Sebastian Bach, the conversation turned to his favorite band, KISS. He relayed something to me which I guess is not surprising, but to hear it come out of his mouth just solidified it.

We’ve all been to concerts that have given us emotional highs or rushes. I recall seeing the reformed Guns N’ Roses take the stage at Ford Field in 2016. It blew my mind to see Duff, Axl, and Slash all up on stage at the same time. For years no one thought that could be done. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

Well, Sebastian had that kind of experience right here in Detroit in 1996 at Tiger Stadium. He first spoke of being at the last KISS show at Madison Square Garden. “It was an emotional experience. Everyone in Detroit is as big a KISS fan as me, or more because Detroit Rock City is where KISS blew up.” Then his thoughts turned to that 1996 show. “That was the most…the biggest rush of energy that I think I ever felt in my life, was when KISS hit the stage.” Laughing as he recalled the show, he went on. “I’ll never forget that rush of emotion. and excitement, and exhilaration, of when KISS came back to hit the stage in Detroit at Tiger Stadium. That was probably the most exciting concert moment I’ve ever had in my life. Thank you, Detroit!”
He said he was in the 10th row for that classic show. That is one I’ll never forget either. I had just started at the RIFF the previous November. This was my first Tiger Stadium experience, and I don’t think it could’ve been topped.

Below are some videos from the epic show, including the entire concert. He’s right though, the opening of that concert was beyond exciting! Watch it for yourself.




  • KISS - detroit rock city

    As Paul likes to say, they just don’t write songs about any city. They did with Detroit Rock City.

  • more from Tiger stadium

    This is a really cool video. Grainy and not pro-shot, it takes you back to that day in June of 1996. Notice not a cell phone anywhere. This gave me flashbacks. Plus, some cool behind-the-scenes footage.

  • KISS - rock bottom

    This is killer! A great pro-shot video from Tiger Stadium. Give it a watch.

  • KISS - shout it out loud

    This is a great video from that night. Oh, there’s a little easter egg for you in this one. Look closely around 1:34 into the video for former RIFF DJ, Mike Staff with his Bill Clinton KISS mask. Too funny!

  • the entire tiger stadium show

    As Sebastian said, the beginning of the concert was filled with so much excitement. The hair on my arms stood up rewatching this again. Unreal!

  • interview with sebastian bach

    Sebastian Bach On New Music, Skid Row, And LOTS More

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