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The FBI recently released its annual report looking at the latest crime statistics reported by police agencies across America. Personally, I feel like Michigan is a safe state, but it’s partly because I grew up in Michigan in a safe area, so I realize that there are areas you have to be careful.

As for the methodology of this report, the FBI states, “Overall, the analysis shows violent and property crime remained consistent between 2020 and 2021. While the aggregate estimated violent crime volume decreased 1% for the nation from 1,326,600 in 2020 to 1,313,200 in 2021, the estimated number of murders increased from 22,000 in 2020 to 22,900 in 2021. The increase of murders constitutes a 4.3% increase. The robbery rate decreased 8.9% from 2020 to 2021, which heavily contributed to the decrease in overall violent crime despite increases in murder and rape rates at the national level. It is important to note that these estimated trends are not considered statistically significant by NIBRS estimation methods. The nonsignificant nature of the observed trends is why, despite these described changes, the overall message is that crime remained consistent.”

“Overall, the analysis shows violent and property crime remained consistent between 2020 and 2021,” the FBI said of national crime trends. The agency noted that violent crime increased by 1% nationally, including a 4.3% increase in homicides. The number of crimes in Michigan increased at a more rapid pace than the national average. The total number of violent crimes in Michigan increased 4.7%, while the number of property crimes increased 5.8%. Statewide, homicides decreased 6.3%, from 660 in 2020 to 618 in 2021.

Michigan has four of the top 20 most violent cities in the U.S. How crazy is that? That said, Michigan also have four communities with the fewest properly crimes. The Mitten also has a new No. 1 most violent city. Read on for the full list, and find more details here. The four communities with the fewest property crimes in Michigan include Independence Township, White Lake Township, West Bloomfield and Orion Township.

  • 56. Grand Rapids

    Grand Rapids is often considered one of Michigan’s nicest big cities, but it also has some dangerous spots. It’s actually Michigan’s second largest city, behind Detroit, but it is much smaller than the Motor City. The city’s “All Violent Crime” number is 1,929.

    Grand Rapids

    Experience the creative energy of Grand Rapids: dazzling art and culture, awesome dining and nightlife, inspiring natural beauty and exhilarating community spirit.

  • 50. Battle Creek

    Battle Creek often appears on these lists of the most violent cities in Michigan. The city is located in a beautiful area of Michigan on the west side of the state, not far from Kalamazoo, but has a few sketchy spots. The city’s “All Violent Crime” number is 614.

    Battle Creek

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  • 48. Flint

    People often think that Flint is the most dangerous city in Michigan, but it’s far from it, according to this new report. It’s No. 48 in America. The city’s “All Violent Crime” number is 982.


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  • 44. Flint Township

    Flint and Flint Township are obviously close together, and both fall next to each other on the list of the most dangerous cities in Michigan and America. The city’s “All Violent Crime” number is 320. If you add that to Flint, you can see why the area is considered somewhere to be careful.

  • 42. Jackson

    Jackson has a massive state prison, and the city is often known for them when it’s brought up in conversations across Michigan. I personally really like Jackson and some of its rural areas. The city’s “All Violent Crime” number is 353.


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  • 32. Pontiac

    North of Detroit, Pontiac is considered an area to be careful in. It’s No. 32 in America for violent crime. The city’s “All Violent Crime” number is 712.


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  • 17. Lansing

    I grew up in Lansing and and am surprised to to see it so high on this list. Then again, crime has been on the rise in the city. Lansing is considered the No. 17 most dangerous city in America and third most dangerous in Michigan. The city’s “All Violent Crime” number is 1,757.


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  • 10. Kalamazoo

    Kalamazoo, like Battle Creek, has always been known for having some rough areas. It’s a beautiful city, but you do have to be careful on the outskirts. The city’s “All Violent Crime” number is 1,211.

  • 5. Detroit

    People often think of Detroit as the most dangerous city in Michigan and one of the most violent in America, but it’s not No. 1 in Michigan. Detroit is the No. 5 most dangerous city in America, though, which isn’t a great look. The city’s “All Violent Crime” number is 14,509.


    Located in southeastern Michigan, Detroit is the largest city in the state, the 10th largest city in the United States and the eighth largest metropolitan area. Detroit has had a profound impact on the world - from being the automobile capital of the world to inventing the Motown sound - Detroit has crafted American culture.

  • 4. Saginaw

    It’s crazy to think, but Saginaw, Michigan, has been named the No. 4 most dangerous city in the entire country. It’s also the most dangerous city in Michigan. The city’s “All Violent Crime” number is 1,080.


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  • Source

    This list is via the FBI.

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