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Michigan is no stranger to unique, fun, and creative words. Slang is a way for people to express themselves in a clever or witty way. The terms and phrases can also reflect a culture. In most cases, slang terms give new meanings to familiar words you use on a day-to-day.

Some of us Michiganders use certain slang words more than others, like “babe” or “shorty.” Crossword-Solver analyzed tweets to find the top slang words each state uses. When it comes to couples, gaming, crypto, hip-hop, and Gen-Z, here are some of Michigan’s most popular slang terms.

  • Most Popular Couple Slang: Baby Daddy

    Humorous Dad in Office Trying to Multitask Work and Parenting

    “Baby Daddy” or formally known as the father of someone’s child is the most popular phrase when it comes to couples in Michigan. If that brief explanation is not enough, it’s what Nick Cannon currently is to six women. As Cannon is the father of twelve children. It could easily be worse with Michigan’s most popular phrase for couples. Michigan’s neighboring states including Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio have words like “shorty” and “bae” listed.

  • Most Popular Gaming Slang: Loot

    Cyber athlete wearing headphones

    Michigan gamers will know this one oh too well. Loot happens to be slang used quite often in the Michigan gaming scene. In video games, loot refers to items picked up by the player which can often be treasure, weapons, or valuable items. Michigan isn’t the only state in the gaming universe that is loving on the slang word loot. New Mexico happens to be a fan of it too.

  • Most Popular Crypto Slang: DAO

    DAO, Decentralized Autonomous Organization

    One would think the most popular crypto slang used in Michigan is NFT which is an acronym for non-fungible tokens. However, the slang word that Michiganders use in the world of cryptocurrencies is DAO. It’s an acronym for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. This is the place that makes decisions and facilitates cryptocurrency transactions.

  • Most Popular Hip-Hop Slang: Crib

    Middle Class Midwest House

    Not to be confused with a “crib” that babies sleep in. Crib is a slang word Michiganders hear all the time. It may even be saved in people’s phones referencing their houses. The popular Michigan slang word has been used by Drake, Offset, Post Malone, J. Cole, and many more rappers.

  • Most Popular Gen-Z Slang: Lowkey

    Young Lady Gossips On Phone

    Lowkey is the most popular slang word used amongst Michigan Gen-Zers. Not to be confused with “Loki” from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The slang term lowkey can mean a couple of things. To be secret or discrete, or “chill”.

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