Anne Erickson


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What body part do you wash first in the show? Whatever it is says a lot about you, according to a new article via

I seriously never though much about it, but this article made me curious. I wash my hair first, so according to the study, I have the “temperament of an intellectual and an artist.” I’ll take it! Check out the full list here.

What the Body Part You Wash First in the Shower Says About You (via

  • Wash your face first

    You love money!

  • Wash your shoulders first

    You “carry the world on your shoulders.”

  • Wash your armpits first

    You are “reliable and attentive.”

  • Wash your chest first

    You are “pragmatic, honest and loyal.”

  • Wash your hair first

    If you wash your hair first, like me, “You have the temperament of an intellectual and an artist” and “you are often immersed in your thoughts” according to the article.

  • If you wash any body part first

    You have a “very humble personality.” I would think it means you’re spontaneous, too!