What are the greatest songs about being a dad of all-time? (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and we’re celebrating with 5 of the greatest songs about being a dad ever made! What’s your favorite song about being a dad?

There are so many to choose from, but what are the best of the best? Did your favorite end up making the list? Check it out below and let us know!

The Greatest Songs About Being A Dad Ever Made

Recently, we shared a list of the 5 Greatest TV Dads Of All-Time. That was a lot of fun to make! Make sure to check that out after you’re done with this list. Now, we’re celebrating Father’s Day with the greatest songs about being a dad ever made.

What do you think are the greatest songs about being a dad? There are so many great examples to choose from! They come across all genres of music, too. You’ll find some in rock and roll, some in pop, country music, folk, and everywhere in between. It was a challenge to put the list together because there are so many to choose from! Additionally, not every song about being a dad is about being a good dad. Some of the most iconic examples are actually about being a deadbeat dad! You’ll see at least one example of that below.

Did your favorite make the list? If it didn’t, make sure to let us know what your favorite is! Father’s Day is right around the corner and we’re putting our playlist together and need your help to make it. I feel like we definitely got most of the good examples but some were left on the cutting room floor. For example, “Smooth” by Santana and Rob Thomas is allegedly about his daughter. However, it just feels like way too sexy of a song to be about his daughter. I will say one example below is also incredibly controversial!

Ready for the list? Check it out below and make sure to let us know what we missed!

  • "Cats In The Cradle" - Harry Chapin

    Hey, just because a song is about being a father doesn’t mean it’s about being a good father. This is one of those songs that can instantly bring a tear to the eye. It follows their relationship over the years and coming and going and being around for the kid. It’s emotional. Chances are most of us have felt like this or can relate in some way at some point in our lives. It’s emotional and it’s one of the best songs about being a father of all-time.

    The song is also an example of the Mandela Effect because many people thought it was recorded by Cat Stevens, which it was not.

  • "Daughters" - John Mayer

    John Mayer is not a father. However, that didn’t stop him from making one of the best dad songs of all-time. Daughters is an emotional song about how fathers need to respect their daughters because they’re our future and it will create a cycle. It’s catchy and it’s relatable. Hopefully John is taking his own advice and being nice to all the daughters out there and showing them respect.

  • "Just The Two Of Us" - Bill Withers & Grover Washington Jr.

    There are a couple different versions of this song out there for you to choose from. Honestly, you really can’t go wrong. The one with Grover Washington Jr. and Bill Withers is a go-to. It’s a classic. However, I do love me that Will Smith version and I’m not afraid to admit it. Either way it’s a great song about being a father.

  • "Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)" - John Lennon

    John Lennon’s “Beautiful Boy” is a fantastic song. It’s more of a lullaby type song. It would not be good on the radio or for any road trips. It will certainly put any guest to sleep. However, if it’s just you and the baby it might be the perfect song. I don’t even have a kid and I can feel it. It’s a great song.

  • "Closing Time" - Semisonic

    Honestly, I didn’t want to put this on the list. However, it’s a great song and it’s allegedly about being a father. I don’t get it! I don’t see the metaphors, or something. Clearly, it’s about a bar shutting down. Help me understand! Whatever. People have said it’s about being a father, Semisonic have even said it’s about being a dad. I don’t see it, but it’s a great song so I’m putting it on the list.