Hot or Not? People are arrested every day and it’s not always ugly people getting thrown in the slammer, pretty people get up to no good as well. A fun game to play with some of their mugshots is trying to guess whether or not the person arrested is attractive or ugly based on a few of their arrest stats.

Below is a collection of some our most challenging mugshots. Can you guess if the person in the mugshot is Hot or Not?

Why Did A Woman Stab Her Boyfriend In The Eye With A Needle?

Jealousy can lead to all sorts of problems. Recently, on Dave & Chuck The Freak we talked about a jealous wife in Russia who cut off her husband’s member after he admitted to cheating on her. This is kind of the same? Only, he didn’t cheat…he just looked!

Below, we’ll detail parts of the story so you can get to know this arrested woman. However, we don’t want to spoil anything. So, after you’ve learned about her and know the details of the arrest, we’ll turn to you. Based on what you now know, do you believe this person is hot or not? It’s not a trick! Sometimes, they are actually smokeshows who commit these crazy crimes. Sure, most of the time they are not very attractive. But that’s what makes the game fun! You never really know.

So, we’ve got some examples of “Hot Or Not?” from Dave & Chuck The Freak below! Ready to play along? Some of these may come as a surprise. We’ve talked about some absolute dimes before with “Hot or Not?” Are any of these find folks going to fall into that category? Keep scrolling to find out!

Let’s play a round of “Hot or Not?” on Dave & Chuck The Freak!

Hot Or Not? On Dave & Chuck “The Freak”

  • Hot or Not? Woman Stabs Boyfriend In Eye For Looking At Other Women

    A Florida woman has found herself behind bars after she attacked her boyfriend for looking at other women.

    According to reports, 44-year-old Sandra Jimenez, stabbed her boyfriend in the eye with a rabies needle. Police were called to the hospital where the boyfriend told them his girlfriend stabbed him in the eye with their dog’s rabies needles.  The stabbing occurred while in the middle of an argument about him looking at other women.

    mugshot of woman that stabbed boyfriend in eye

    Miami-Dade Police Department

    The victim reported that he was laying on the couch when Jimenez jumped on him and stabbed him. She then left the residence when she realized what she had done. The couple has been together for over 8 years and this has been an ongoing argument between the two.

    When officers arrived to arrest her, she was found sleeping outside in a car.

  • Hot or Not? Wanted Woman Busted Hiding Inside Of A Couch

    According to reports, Florida Deputies have been on the hunt for a woman who had violated her probation for selling fentanyl. The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office made Stacy Usher their “Wanted of the Week” or the WOW.

    They posted her mugshot and and list of her charges on social media to help get some information on her whereabouts. We’re not sure if it helped, but they were able to find and arrest her.

    hot or not mugshot

    Citrus County Sheriff’s Office

    While searching Usher’s residence they discovered she was there with them. HIDING INSIDE OF HER COUCH! It was very easy to apprehend her once they discovered her. The deputies pulled her from the couch and put her back into custody.

    Usher has a long list of issues, she has registered as a convicted felon in Citrus, Manatee, and Pasco County with a history of fraud, grand theft, and more. You can see a picture of the officers pulling her from the couch here . . . prior to having the pretzel crumbs brushed off of her.





  • Hot or Not? Woman Arrested After Calling 911 To Report Her Stolen Drugs

    We tell you time and time again…DO NOT CALL THE COPS IF YOUR DRUGS GET STOLEN! This advice should especially be followed if you have warrants out too.

    According to reports, cops in Stuart, Florida were sent to check on a 911 call about a theft at the Best Western. That’s when officers made contact with 23-year-old Lily Rinker. Rinker had called 911 to report that some of her pot was stolen by a friend she had met last week.

    Rinker told officers that she had $30 worth of pot in a grinder and then noticed that some of her stash was gone after her new “friend” had left the room.  She didn’t want to do about it so she called the police to report the theft.

    Mugshot of blonde woman

    Stuart Police Department

    While filing the report for this incident they discovered that she had some open arrest warrants from a past altercation with her father. That arrest was from an argument over her father posting a picture of her with a vape on social media.  Since she is/was a college athlete (golf) she was not allowed to be seen holding a vape.

    So, again…helpful tip. Don’t call 911 if your drugs are stolen…especially if you have outstanding warrants for your arrest. You’re welcome.

  • Hot or Not? - Woman Going 120 MPH In A 55 MPH Arrested For DUI

    A trooper from the Florida Highway Patrol witnessed a driver in a Mercedes driving 120 MPH in a 55 MPH zone this weekend.

    According to reports, the trooper then started a traffic stop and pulled the driver over. 31-year-old Brittany Bianchi was the driver behind the wheel and it sounds like she was a bit under the influence.  The FHP Officer arrested her for DUI.

    After the arrest, Bianchi got into a physical altercation with the trooper.  She dug her fingernails into the hand of the officer causing injury.

    mug shot of young blonde female

    Pinellas County Jail

    So in addition to the DUI, she was also hit with charges related to resisting officer with violence, battery on law enforcement, possession of marijuana & drug paraphernalia, speeding, and no insurance!

  • Hot or Not? - Woman Facing Deportation After Foricbly Grabbing A Guys Testicles And Giggling

    A polish woman is facing deportation in the UK after going on a 2-day bender.

    According to reports, Klaudia Staniszewska, was rampaging through a shopping center while in the middle of a two-day bender when she forcibly grabbed a man’s testicles and giggled.

    She also reportedly slapped an elderly woman in a wheelchair, knocked down signs, and caused other chaos in the shopping center during the peak of her bender.

    The man she grabbed the testicles of was a shop worker who attempted to detain the woman. He didn’t sustain any permanent injury but suffered some discomfort. You can see her in the tile image inside the embedded tweet from X below.

    Daniel Jae Webb on Twitter: "It's great to see my recent exclusive court stories dominating the Swindon Advertiser homepage this morning... 👇 / Twitter"

    It's great to see my recent exclusive court stories dominating the Swindon Advertiser homepage this morning... 👇

    When police arrived, she confessed that she had been drinking nonstop for two days straight and was upset because she was homeless and had no place to stay.

    Once she had sobered up, Staniszewska “was appalled” at her crime when she was later informed of what she had done.

    In addition to fines, community service, and possible jail time. A deportation recommendation notice was also served.

  • Hot or Not? - Woman Assaults Wing Stop Manager For Taking Too Long

    A woman from Amarillo, TX has been arrested after an alleged assault on a WingStop manager.

    33-year-old Whitney Paige Moffett, was working as a DoorDash driver when she flipped out and attacked a Wing Stop manager.

    According to reports, Moffett was upset because they took too long with an order. When Moffett showed up to grab the wing order, it was not ready yet. She entered the kitchen area and was asked to leave.

    mugshot fo woman with bad skin and shoulder length blonde hair

    Randall County Detention Center

    She refused and started to attack the manager who then attempted to escort her out of the establishment. An off-duty officer saw the scuffle and stepped in to help.

    Both the manager and off-duty officer were assaulted by the Doordash driver. Moffett was arrested and booked into the Randall County Detention Center

  • Hot or Not? - Woman Burns Down House With A Spicy Tortilla Chip

    Patricia Williams, from Nixa, Missouri, has been arrested and charged with first-degree arson.

    According to a report, fire department officials say Williams set fire to a home by “pouring gasoline on some clothes, lighting a spicy tortilla chip,” tossing the chip onto the clothes, and letting the flames do their thing.

    mug shot of female with shoulder length hair and purple top

    Greene County Jail

    The three people in the house were able to escape unharmed, thankfully…but we know what you’re really thinking – why a tortilla chip? Police say Williams admitted to starting the fire, and she allegedly used Takis tortilla chips because “she knew they would support combustion because of their grease content.”

  • Hot or Not? - Two Florida Women Arrested After Fight In Which An Ear Was Bitten Off

    Two women got into a fight at a party on July 4th over vape cartridges.

    According to the reports, a gun got pulled by one of the women during the fight and a physical altercation happened. During this altercation, one of the women’s ears was bitten off.

    Unfortunately, the ear was not able to be saved.  Their mugshots are below. Both women are facing charges.

    two mug shots of women

    Bay County Sheriff’s Office

  • Hot or Not? - Woman Arrested For Hit & Run Crash That Seriously Injured ATV Rider

    Florida Highway Patrol has arrested a woman on multiple charges after she was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run crash that left a ATV rider seriously injured.

    According to reports, 33-year-old Amber Tremblay hit a Cape Coral man riding on his ATV.  A video recorded by another ATV rider shows the chaos after the crash.

    mug shot of female

    Lee County Sheriff’s Office

    Tremblay can be seen on video reaching into a Dodge Challenger that she was allegedly driving before getting into another car and fled the scene. To make things worse, she then allegedly got involved in another accident about a mile away.

    She is currently facing multiple charges for hit and run and moving traffic violations.

  • Hot or Not? - A Couple Caught Having Sex On A Florida Beach In Front

    A Florida couple is looking at some jail time after they were busted by life guards getting it on in front families at the beach on Monday.

    According to reports,  Anastazia Cretcher and Alexander Dillman were getting it on near a lifeguard post for 15 minutes. The arrest affidavit claims one of the lifeguards, “observed the male erect penis penetration the females’s vagina”  

    The couple attempted to leave the beach after be contacted by a lifeguard.  Police actually caught the couple near a stairwell attempting to leave the beach fully nude.


    mug shots of a couple caught having sex on the beach

    Volusia County jail

    Both Cretcher and Dillman caught a charge for indecent exposure. Dillman was also charged with resisting arrest, he allegedly refused to get in the police squad car.

  • Hot or Not? - Woman Drinking Four Loko In Only A Towel Allegedly Let Kids Photograph Her In A Parking Lot

    A woman wearing only a towel and drinking a Four Loko in the parking lot of a Dollar General is in some hot water after she started having her own impromptu parking lot photoshoot.

    Last week, Giselle Robinson was arrested by police in Florida after they allegedly found her in the parking lot of a Dollar General store being photographed in the nude by “a pair of juveniles.”

    mug shot of woman

    (Lake County Sheriff’s Office)

    Reports say Robinson went to the store wearing “just a towel” and with “a can of Four Loko in her hand.”

    Supposedly, she also told an officer that “walking around wearing just a towel is normal to her” and that she was “too lazy to put any clothing on.”

    She has been charged with two counts of lewd or lascivious exhibition.

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