Anne Erickson


(Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

It’s a new year, and with it comes new UFO sightings. These things freak me out. I’ve always been scared of the idea of UFOs. I hope that if I try not to believe in them, they’ll leave me alone! I realize that doesn’t really make sense, but regardless, read on for the first UFO sighting of the year.

  • UFO sighting

    A Florida couple was stunned when they saw a cluster of lights hovering in the night sky. According to NBC 2, Matt Krauss and his wife spotted the wild sight in Naples, Florida.

  • What they saw

    The two saw a really bright object over the water. “New lights appeared near it and they got very, very bright at that point,” Krauss said, “there were four of them and they kind of moved in different directions.”

    The couple took photos, which you can see in the video below.

  • What made the sighting different

    “What I can’t explain is why they were so bright,” Krauss said. He also said, “one of them was stationary for 15 minutes.”

  • What could it have been?

    The Naples Airport Authority claims nothing unusual showed up on radar. They said it was lanterns. They’re basically saying it didn’t happen.

    Krauss doesn’t agree, stating, “the random movement is kind of what convinced me they weren’t something like Chinese lanterns that were being blown by the wind.”

  • More ideas

    Others think the “UFO” could have been a military exercise with flares or drones. But, nobody is claiming they caused the light event, so really, we don’t know.

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