Anne Erickson


(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

Former Detroit Lions and current L.A. Rams quarterback Matthews Stafford has won a Super Bowl, but up until last weekend, he didn’t even have an Instagram account. That all changed when Stafford took to the social network for his first post over the weekend- but his wife Kelly wasn’t too happy about the photo that he shared with the world.

Stafford’s post is an image of him wearing his Super Bowl ring, commenting about, “She’s a real beauty.” So, what’s the big deal about that kind of a post? Well, he actually cropped his wife out of the photo. My mom would not be too happy if my dad did something like this. Then again, my dad has never even heard of Instagram, so they would never be in this situation. That one benefit to not being into the modern age.

Kelly fought back with her own Instagram post, in essence “trolling” her husband. The two posts went viral over the weekend, so consider it a warm welcome for Stafford on Instagram. Check out both of the posts below, as well as some of Kelly’s other Instagram posts. She is something on an Instagram star, so it’s surprising that it took so long to get Matthew into the game. Then again, he’s been busy winning Super Bowls and even thinks he can win another Super Bowl this season.