Peep Show: The Best Of Chuck The Freak

Oh, Chuck The Freak. Where would we be without you? The funny man often makes the Peep Show what it is. I can’t imagine the show without his wit, comedy, and good looks.

To celebrate Chuck The Freak, we’ve found 5 of our favorite hilarious Chuck moments from The Peep Show. Check them out below!

Dave & Chuck The Freak Peep Show: 5 Hilarious Chuck Moments

Obviously, choosing 5 favorite Chuck moments was no easy feat. Seriously, I feel like every moment with Chuck The Freak is worthy of a highlight. So, it was a challenging task finding 5 of the most hilarious. However, it has been done. Blood, sweat, tears, and laughs went into the effort. Now, I think we have the ultimate list.

These videos are all vastly different. They cover different topics, but they all have one thing in common: they’re hilarious. Better yet…they’re hilarious because of Chuck The Freak. Of course, you can search through our YouTube page and find hilarious Peep Shows featuring great moments from Dave, funny Lisa moments, Andy, Jason, and Al. Actually, you might have missed it but we already covered the Best Of Andy Peep Show Videos. Definitely worth checking out sometime. Then, come back sometime to where we will soon have Best Of Peep Show videos and lists available for every member of the show! Just give me a minute, I’m getting to it, I promise.

In the videos below, you’ll see several different sides of Chuck The Freak. There’s the sexual side, one about Chuck dying, some advice you could only get from Chuck The Freak, and one video where Chuck shares his dreams. Now, that’s personal! However, there’s no boundaries and nothing is off limit with Chuck The Freak. You know that!

Ready for the best of the best? Check out 5 hilarious Chuck The Freak moments below!

Peep Show: The Best Of Chuck The Freak

  • Chuck's Death Noises

    Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about a girl who was rescued from a pond by a heroic trooper. Dave thinks it’s a story with a happy ending but the rest of the show doesn’t think it was as uplifting as he made it out to be. Thanks to this video, we now know what it will sound like when Chuck dies. How does it sound? Well, pretty funny!

  • Chuck's Pee Tips

    Dave & Chuck the Freak discuss special underwear for avoiding swamp crotch. Dave brings up an ad he saw for “stop-drip technology”, and Chuck mentions a weird tip he learned online. In this Peep Show video, he shares his tips with you. What you do with the advise is totally up to you.

  • Chuck Dreams of Growsempic Drug

    Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about some fans of Lady Gaga that are upset with her for being featured in a migraine advertisement. Then, Chuck says if he took a pill that was able to grow his dong and hair, he would be the face of it for free! Now, that’s a product I could get behind! There are so many products that would be awesome to see Chuck endorse. The one true influencer.

  • Chuck Leaves Pound Town!

    Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about marijuana-infused aphrodisiacs emerging as a new love drug in New York and when Chuck the Freak uses the term ‘sexually active’ we learn that he no longer lives in ‘Pound Town’. Things change as the years go by. At some point, Pound Town has to close down. When it happens? Nobody knows, but we’re all going to get there eventually.

  • I Licked His B Hole!

    Dave & Chuck the Freak talk about a video that was posted by Taryn Manning (an actress known for ‘Orange is the New Black’, ‘8 Mile, and ‘Hustle & Flow’) where she discusses performing orally on the backdoor of a married man and buying him a new boat. Naturally, this had to be discussed. The conversation led to some hilarious and iconic Chuck The Freak moments. Check out the video above! One of the best.

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