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Are you wondering what to eat tonight? Eat Detroit for 313 Day! If Detroit could speak, it would say, “Eat Me.” Detroit is filled with fantastic food. It’s no secret to anybody born and raised in the 313.

Detroit was founded by the French in 1701. Then, the Brits fought for it, and in 1806, it was incorporated, making it a legitimate city. Why the history lesson? Detroit has become a melting pot of cultures with incredible food.

The biggest argument Detroiters have is where to get a coney dog.  Even if it’s an argument of Lafayette or American Coney Island, at least we can agree that Detroit is the only place that does them right.   A Coney dog is only a true Detroit Coney when it’s a natural casing beef frank topped with meaty, beanless chili, diced white onion, and yellow mustard.  That’s a Detroit Coney dog, no matter which place makes it.

Need chips with your Coney dog? Another way to eat Detroit for 313 is to grab a bag of Better Made Potato Chips. Depending on who you ask, Better Made has been around since 1929.  At one time, there were 30 potato chip companies in the 313. Better Made is the last chip standing.

Maybe you want something a little more rectangular and cheesy?  Eat Detroit for 313 Day in the form of a pizza! A Detroit-style pizza, of course.  Who doesn’t love the rectangle of crunchy cheese corners topped with sauce and cheese? Buddy’s Pizza is the epitome of Detroit-style pizza. They’ve been serving it up for over 75 years.

Detroit has become a culinary destination in recent years. Mashed magazine recently shared a list of 12 Classic Detroit Foods You Need to Try.  If this doesn’t help you decide how to eat Detroit on 313 Day, maybe these suggestions will!

Here are 7 iconic foods made right here in the 313 to help you eat Detroit for 313 Day!

  • Coney Dog

    The quintessential Detroit cuisine is by far the Coney Dog.  Just hope you and your dinner date can agree on which place to go!

    Coney Dog and Chili Cheese Fries

  • Better Made Potato Chips

    Can’t go wrong with Detroit made Better Made Potato Chips! From barbeque to sour cream and onion, they’ve got your chip craving covered! Best part is you can get them anywhere in Detroit!


  • Detroit Style Pizza

    Rectangle shaped with crispy cheese corners, sauce, cheese, toppings, bliss. The only pizza worth eating is a Detroit style pizza. Detroit does it right.

    Buddy's pizza

    Buddy’s Pizza via Franco PR

  • Faygo

    No matter what you’re eating on 313 Day, you’re going to need something to wash it down.  There’s no other choice but Detroit’s iconic Faygo Soda! Pick a flavor, they make it!


    Faygo Beverages Facebook

  • Mom's Spaghetti

    In the mood for Mom’s Spaghetti? Detroit’s favorite hype man Eminem has you covered. Head to Mom’s Spaghetti at 2131 Woodward for pasta you’ll sing about. The 313 based rapper opened up shop in 2021.

    Mom's Spaghetti

  • Sander's Bumpy Cake

    The cake with the bumps. Everyone loves the devils food and buttercream cake. Detroiters were devastated when Sander’s announced they would no longer be selling the cake, but luckily it’s back in production. Order a cake to celebrate 313 Day here.

    Sanders bumpy cake

  • Dinty Moore Sandwich

    You want a sandwich as big as your head, filled with corned beef and nostalgia? A Dinty Moore is what you need. How does a triple decker piled high with corned beef, Russian dressing, lettuce, and tomato sound? Several delis around the 313 are serving this monster sandwich up!

    Dinty Moore


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