Can't see these records being broken any time soon! (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

It is not easy to set a World Record. However, some are more difficult than others. Here are 5 unbelievable world records that will likely never be broken.

Personally, I just can’t see these ever being topped. They’re just too unique. Check out some of the most impressive world records ever set!

5 Unbelievable World Records That Likely Will Never Be Broken

Setting a Guinness World Record takes a lot of time, skill, and something extra. Not everyone can set a world record. It takes a very unique individual with an equally unique skillset.

Recently, Dave & Chuck The Freak have talked about strange records like the woman with the longest arm hair in the world, the 127 hour sing-a-thon, and other wild records broken recently.

However, these 5 records stand above the rest. Why? Simple, I can’t see these records ever being broken. Even if people dedicate their life to making it happen, these will be hard to beat. The skillset required for these records is just too specific. It can’t be done by the masses. In fact, I believe these records can only be accomplished by the current record holders.

That must be a nice feeling. If I were to ever hold a world record, I would want to sleep peacefully at night knowing that my record will never be broken. I’d hate it if I had to worry every day that I’m about to get beat. What if someone wakes up and decides to eat more chicken wings than I did? Or, what if they are faster than me and beat my time? It happens! However, I don’t see it happening to this group of people.

Their skillsets and locations all vary. However, they are united in holding unbeatable world records, in my opinion. Let’s get to the list and meet this impressive group of people!

  • Largest Popsicle Stick Tower

    The couple that builds together stays together. Hopefully, the foundation of their relationship is just as strong and sturdy as this tower! There’s no way this could ever be beat. I don’t even understand how they did it in the first place. People are impressive. This record shows that.

  • He JUGGLED and SOLVED 3 Rubik's cubes!

    Breaking a record for doing one thing is impressive. Breaking a record for multi-tasking is mind blowing. I can’t wrap my head around it. Que Jianyu, from China, set the record for fastest time to solve three Rubik’s cubes whilst juggling. I can’t do either one of those! Let alone both…at the same time? Man, that’s wild.

  • Most Ropes Skipped

    Jump roping is difficult. It’s hard to do with one rope. Doing it with 110 skipping robes? Surely, that can’t be possible? Yet, it is. It happened! In 2011, Wang Zhuoxin, in China, broke the world record by jumping over 110 individual skipping robes. She wasn’t hurt in the process, either! For me, it would be like a cartoon. I’d end up wrapped up in the robes like a spider web.

  • Longest Time To Spray Water From The Mouth

    Talk about a jaw-dropping talent! His girlfriend must be grateful. Kirubel Yilma from Ethiopia set a world record in front of a crowd in Addis Ababa. He guzzled down many bottles of water while going for the Guinness World Record for longest time to spray water from the mouth. It’s endless! It hurts me just to watch. He certainly deserves that record.

  • Longest Gurn

    Meet Jovante Carter. He’s a TikTok star known for his surprise gurning. You can see its size when he is able to cover his nostrils with his lower lip for a long time. How is that possible? I don’t see this record ever being beaten. Congratulations, Jovante!

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