Jason's mistresses? (Photo by Steve Eason/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

These 5 mature women would definitely tickle Jason’s fancy. If you listen to Dave & Chuck “The Freak,” then you know Jason has a type. That type is mature MILFs…or GILFs, sometimes.

Dave can’t mention an old lady without turning the attention over to Jason. Then, Jason’s never afraid to embrace it and speak his mind! These women would drive Jason wild.

5 Mature Women Who Would Tickle Jason’s Fancy

You’ve got to love Jason on Dave & Chuck “The Freak.” He’s hilarious, quick witted, and always completely open and authentic. He’ll never backdown from his honest opinion, even if it’s something totally embarrassing or could land him in trouble. Thankfully, I believe his wife knows they have a secure relationship. However, that doesn’t stop Jason from having an innocent little thing for the MILFs. We all have our thing. Hey, you can window shop as long as you don’t go inside, right?

Lately, we’ve learned a lot about Jason. He has a wild past which he brings up from time to time. He’s lived an adventurous life and shares it with us on a daily basis on the show. Those stories range from his crazy college times in Ann Arbor, to crazy car chases, to his budding rap career as “DJ Mayo.”

Even when Jason isn’t telling a wild story from his past, Dave still finds way to bring out the best in him. Do you remember the time Dave called Jason a “psycho?” That was a hilarious moment on the show. Was he actually being crazy? No, it was a misunderstanding. However, it’s all believable if you know Jason!

It’s hard for the show to have a conversation about Senior Citizens without turning to Jason. He’s basically the resident expert on Dave & Chuck “The Freak” when it comes to the elderly. Well, elderly women, at least.

So, we found 5 mature women we believe would tickle Jason’s fancy and drive him crazy. Here are the potential matches we found, if he ever needs to find a mistress. Let’s meet the candidates! Let us know which one you think would be the best match for Jason!

5 Hot Elderly Women Jason Could Be Into

  • Old Lady With Tongue Skills

    To be clear…it’s the second woman we’re talking about. The first would be way too awesome. The second is more of Jason’s type, as we’ve heard about on the show. This old lady would absolutely blow his mind. Look out! Those are some serious tongue skills.

  • Twerking Grandma

    Look away, Jason! This might be too much to handle. This Twerking Grandma has moves. She’s lively and has spirit. Seems to be checking all the boxes.

  • 73-Year-Old Pole Dancer

    She may be 73-years-old, but she’s got the soul of a 30-year-old! Also, the body of one, too! Could Jason keep up? He plays a lot of basketball and does his fair share of cardio. That’s good. He’s going to need it keeping up with her! Wowza. Here’s a Peep Show from a conversation about an older pole dancer, is this her?

  • Rapping Grannie

    DJ Mayo could collab with the Rapping Grannie…in more than one way! She seems to have everything Jason is after. She’s of age and mature, she’s confident, and she can rap. The two can drop the hottest rap record of 2024. That’s not all they can make together, however! Bowchickabowbow.

  • Dancing Grandma

    Find a lady that can do both! She looks elegant in her finest dress. Meanwhile, she’s not afraid to cut loose and dance. What more could Jason ask for? I’m not sure, this could be the complete package.

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