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Last week on my socials, I asked you guys to pick one horror movie everyone should see. I learned a couple things by doing this. One, a lot of you don’t know what “one” means. And two, there’s still some movies I have to see!

I’m a huge horror movie fan, so this is right up my ally. Give a look at some of these must-see movies, and feel free to hit me up with some you think I should’ve added.

  • the exorcist

    I mean, classic, right?!?! Some call it one of the most horrifying movie ever made.

  • Halloween

    Now, this will put you in the Halloween spirit! I love this movie/series. That being said, the last one started out really well but crashed pretty fast. I did like the cameo of Shinedown’s Zach Myers though.

  • the shining

    What a classic! “Heeeere’s Johnny!”. Love it! A proud dad moment was a few years back when my daughter and her friend dressed up like the little girls from the movie. Just a fantastic horror movie.

  • the texas chainsaw massacre

    For me, this is one of the scariest horror movies ever made. When you can produce a movie that has numerous daytime scenes, and make it scary, you’ve won in my book. Plus, this movie is completely plausible. It could happen.

  • candyman

    I’ll admit, I haven’t watched this movie in a very long time. I saw it when it first came out and was terrified of it. Maybe that’s why I haven’t sat through it again. LOL

  • it

    Steven King at his finest. Who doesn’t love a scary clown?? Oh, besides most people. This is good, horror-watching! Plus, for me when you add in children, I squirm in my seat.

  • SAW

    I just watched the latest SAW movie, which you can see my review of here. The thing that made the first one so good, is that you never saw anything like it before, and you never saw it coming. A total shocker at the end. A great movie, in my opinion.

  • trick or treat

    This is another one I’ve got to watch again. Just a classic with some rock star cameos throughout the movie like Ozzy Osbourne and Gene Simmons.

  • house of 1,000 corpses/devil's rejects

    I loved both of these movies. IMO, Rob Zombie’s finest. Truly worth the watch! He created some new horror characters that are still scary. Dr. Satan is one of them.

  • evil dead rise

    One of my favorite horror movies of the past year. Fantastic and creepy!

  • black phone

    This movie is messed up!

  • midsommer

    This movie is also twisted. I loved it!

  • terrifier 1 & 2

    I loved these movies. Sick and gory…..I mean, who doesn’t love Art The Clown?!!?

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