Cheeseburger on White bread! Something Nate can eat every single day if heart issues didn't affect tens of millions of Americans each year.

Good ol’ food. Sort of a staple for us Americans. We drink, eat food and watch football, among other things. Speaking of football, both the National Football League and NCAA’s season are soon to kick off. There are some exceptionally high expectations for a few of our local teams here in the state! The Wolverines down in Ann Arbor are poised to take things even further after an amazing yet disappointing season last year. They finished 13 and 1 with the one loss coming at the hands of TCU in the college football playoff. Michigan has high hopes of winning the entire thing this year.

Another team in our great state looking to explode this year is our Detroit Lions. The Lions won 9 games last year and are looking to expand on that. Many sports experts have already picked our Lions to win the division and host a playoff game this year. I predict the Detroit Lions to win at least 11 games this season. Some may think I’m crazy, but this Lions squad is actually different. No seriously this time, they are!

In honor of those gritty Lions I have came up with a list of 11 must-have snacks or gameday meals to include in your Detroit football viewing parties. Why 11? One food item for every Lions victory that’s why. You heard it first, Detroit is winning at least 11 games and these tasty appetizers and full on meals are definitely worth including in your gameday plans. Since the Lions have slammed the door on Aaron Rodger’s career with the Packers, the division seems wide open. If you are interested in reading up on some more Lions stories be sure to check these out! Dan Campbell picked to be coach of the year and Jared Goff could be the Quarterback of the Future for Detroit.

  • Air Fried Chicken Wings

    Delicious chicken wings. Whether Air Fried or cooked to perfection on the Grill these are a staple of football games here in America,

    Delicious chicken wings. Whether Air Fried or cooked to perfection on the Grill these are a staple of football games here in America,

    The beauty of chicken wings is that the sauce and seasonings are for you to decide. As for cooking them though, obviously you could fire up the grill and make them, or you could do it inside in the Air Fryer and love it all the same. I personally Air Fry my wings, as I live in an apartment, and seriously there is nothing different about them. I use seasoning salt, pepper, garlic salt, lemon pepper seasoning and throw them in the Air Fryer for about 25 minutes total, cooking for about 15 on the first side then 10 minutes after flipping. Pure perfection.

  • Buffalo Chicken Dip

    If you love dip but need a kick, you have to grab yourself some Buffalo Chicken Dip.

    Beautifully prepared Buffalo chicken dip.

    Dip is an absolute must for every sporting event if you can get it. Buffalo chicken dip is so great because it’s savory with a kick.

  • Four Cheese Quesadillas

    As you may have already predicted, there will be a trend involving cheese. For instance the Four Cheese crunchy Quesadilla which includes Cheddar, Monterey Jack, Queso and Asadero is a wonderful flavor mix. This is also super easy to make!

    4 Cheese Quesadilla

    The four cheese quesadilla caters exceptionally well to all the cheese lovers out there!

  • Bacon Cheese Spread

    Bacon, cheese, onions and some red pepper. All in and easy to grab spoonful. My mouth is watering just writing this. I’ve included a link to the recipe to make the spread here!

  • Tasty Taco Cups

    One of the best snacks/apps for gameday because this one is fully customizable! Make your taco cups however you want with any assortment of ingredients! For Ideas on what to include and how to make checkout this recipe here! I also included a video too!

  • Fried Loaded Potato Balls

    If I need to explain why fried potato’s are an excellent munching snack we have a problem. Checkout this step by step video on how to make them for yourself!

  • Mac & Cheese Bites

    As an avid lover of Mac & Cheese I am happy to consume it any form. The small bite form where you can create an appetizer for many to enjoy is a solid pick. Checkout the video to make your very own Mac & Cheese Bites for gameday.

  • Cheeseburger Sliders

    Personally I would normally go for a full size burger over a Slider every time. However when sampling many different kinds of sauces and topping a variety slider platter may be the way to go. Plus more people get to enjoy and you don’t waste as much food if someone can’t finish it all. Because after all who wants their food to go to waste?

    Cheeseburger Sliders

    Somehow better than full size burger because you can eat more right?

  • Pepper Jack Queso Dip

    Again cheese related, me and Queso have a strong relationship. I’m an avid fan of Queso, particularly ones with a bit of a kick to them. That’s why if you’re like me I highly suggest going with a cheddar and pepper jack mix for your Queso. If that’s not enough, some people put a hint of ghost pepper in their Queso.

    A plate of chili con Queso. For me the best combination for Queso is cheddar cheese with Pepper jack. Pepper jack provide just the right amount of kick to it.

    Recipe here!

  • Classic Dogs

    Of course I couldn’t honestly complete this list without including the most iconic gameday food item. The good ole American Hot dog.

    hot dogs

    One of the most iconic gameday staples of American sports. The classic hotdog.

  • Burgers

    Yet another classic that had to be included, Burgers and Dogs go hand in hand as Americas most beloved game day meals!

    Delicious Juicy Cheeseburgers Served With French Fries

    Delicious Juicy Cheeseburgers Served With French Fries

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