Kara D

Hometown: Chesterfield

Age: 23

IF YOU COULD BE ANY ANIMAL WHAT WOULD YOU WANT TO BE? A tiger is the first thing that comes to mind, so I’m gonna stick with that. They’re fierce, stealth, dominating, and beautiful creatures.

WHAT MOVIE COULD YOU WATCH 50 TIMES IN A ROW? The Nightmare Before Christmas. I love anything directed by Tim Burton. And that movie has always had a place in my heart since childhood.

WHAT ARE FOUR THINGS THAT ARE ALWAYS IN YOUR FRIDGE? PICKLES – Claussen, Not the s*** kind!! Sriracha, Jets ranch, Avocados


Personable, Outgoing, Adventurous

WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES: I like being outside. I picked up longboarding last summer. I also really love doing makeup. I am a licensed cosmetologist and am often playing with special effects and beauty makeup. I also love singing and do it very well, but am just recently starting to be open about it.

WHAT CAN MOST PEOPLE DO THAT YOU CANNOT: Lately? Wake up before noon….

FAVORITE SPORT AND WHY: Welp… I’m still trying to understand this whole “sports” thing. But, I grew up watching the Red wings with my dad. So, I guess hockey.

IF YOU KNEW TODAY WAS YOUR LAST DAY ON EARTH, HOW WOULD YOU SPEND IT AND WHY?I would get a flight to Thailand or Europe and try every food, drink, experience, and bring like 8 people that I absolutely love. I would also play awesome music the whole time and climb mountains and inactive volcanoes.

Photos: Robert Bruce Photography
Videos: 2See Delight   Hair and makeup: 6 Salon
Flyaway Hair and makeup: Marija Lleshaj of 6 Salon in Birmingham Facebook