Man Cave

Well, it comes every year, and this year it came on Monday. Time to take the Harley Davidson off the road and put her away for the winter. It was another fun riding season here in southeast Michigan. I didn’t go on many very long rides, but I did make the trek up to Coleman Michigan to see Skid Row at the end of May.

I think I might’ve put 7,000 or 8,000 miles on the scooter this year. A big thanks to my friend Dave, who keeps my HOG running in top form.

Jerry’s in Wampler’s Lake, Artesian Wells in Brooklyn, The Hamburg Pub, Zukey Lake Tavern, were just some of the places I rode to this year. I also drove my car to Milwaukee to see the Harley Davidson museum. That’s a place I always wanted to get to…..I can check that off the list.

I also can’t forget, and want to thank T.C. and his great staff at Stingers. Every Full Throttle Thursday was fantastic again this year. Thank you to the staff, and everyone who came out to hang with us each week! I can’t wait to kick it off in May again next year.

Here’s to another riding season down, already thinking about next year’s.

Ride safe….