We cant help but look back at our favorite shows from years past as we continue to miss live music. Since we were supposed to see Five Finger Death Punch at Little Caesars Arena in May lets take it back to 2018 when they came to DTE Energy Music Theatre with Breaking Benjamin, Nothing More and Bad Wolves. Over the years we’ve been fortunate enough to conduct interviews with bands when they come through town. It doesn’t happen too often but when the opportunity comes we will obviously take it if we can. This particular night we got to talk with all of the bands but it didn’t necessarily go as planned. It was our last meet and greet and interview and it was with FFDP and Meltdown was lined up to chat with Ivan. After we were done with the meet and greet we were told to setup our camera in Ivan’s dressing room and wait for him to come in. A good 10 minutes goes by after we were done setting up and one of the members of the FFDP crew came in asking if Ivan had showed up yet as they were looking for him too. He then shot him a call and Ivan said he was out in the crowd talking to fans and forgot about the interview. At that point I figured it wasn’t going to happen but then he asked if we could be mobile with our camera and asked if we could do this on the lawn. I quickly grabbed what I could and told  our promo guy (Rev Rob) to get the rest and said “lets go!” and then we ran out from backstage onto the hill. A few minutes later Ivan walks up and we did the interview. It was a pretty exciting and totally random moment being able to do record an interview like that. So if you were at that show and witnessed it and wondered how or why we set it up like that, there is your answer. It was totally unplanned and the spur of the moment or what I like to call it, radio on the fly. So be sure to check out that video below as well as some photo from the show.

The originally scheduled date of May 12th was pushed back to November 8, 2020. It is still not clear when we will be able to go back to attending shows but if any info changes we will keep you informed. Until then be sure to check out their latest album “F8” if you haven’t done so already.