There are a lot of things that come to mind when you hear the name Joe Louis Arena…

For example, the obvious Detroit Red Wings, Steve Yzerman, March 26th 1997, the Stanley Cup and so many concerts you can’t list them all. For some, it was just a place we’d go to enjoy some hockey, live music, ice skating etc., but to many it was a second home. With the rebuild of downtown Detroit, it was evident that the Red Wings would eventually get a new home, but what would happen to the old barn we grew to love? Over the course of the summer, crews have been slowly taking down the Joe. As exciting as it has been seeing the move to Little Caesars Arena, it has left many reminiscing about their favorite memories of Joe Louis Arena. Here are some current photos of the arena being torn down along with some of the WRIF staffs favorite moments and stories.


Hockey, hockey and more hockey. Seeing my first game there in March of 1996. Being able to play on the famed Joe ice, playing in two Dave Coulier charity games, to taking my daughter to the second to last game ever played there.

Of course tons of concerts including Metallica. I got to take a listener backstage to interview Lars before the show on a frigid January day. Kid Rock the night before the Super Bowl and on and on……..

Screamin Scott: 

Moving from The Red Barn of Olympia to Joe Louis Arena. It was a start of NEW Red Wing memories including the 1st band to play JLA was RUSH and I won tickets from WRIF to go!

Steve Black:

How do you pick just one? Going head to head with Steve Yzerman in one of the celebrity hockey games, photo opp in the locker room with Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, hanging out in the old Olympia Room with Nate and Dave from the Foo Fighters and with Ozzy (with the Red Wing logo kind of in the background).


WRIF promo gigs on the concourse being set up by the main entrance during the winter, watching plays break out during Wings games from the nose bleeds, The Black Keys with my best friends, Green Day and more!


What are your favorite memories of the Joe?