The Sound Of...Very Live Radio (Season 2 - Eppisode 24)

Segment One: The Sound Of…Going Live Without A Net                           (Time:   26:47)

-          Less and Less radio these days is actually done live, but Anne and Steve are among the few who still get to enjoy the thrill of it…mistakes and all – and this week we talk about those mistakes, and include special guests Lou Brutus of Hard-Drive, Hales (LA Lloyd Rock Countdown) and Big Ric of 94 Rock (WRLF) who share some of their follies as well.

 Segment Two: The Sound Of…7 Lynyrd Skynyrd Songs:                            (Time:   18:01)

-          Guitarist Ed King (principal writer of Sweet Home Alabama) passed away last week, and the Lynyrd Skynyrd movie If I Leave Here Tomorrow is getting excellent reviews, so Anne and Steve select their personal top 7 songs from the Southern-Rock powerhouse band. 

Segment Three: The Sound Of…Dee, Metallica & Some Whiskey:               (Time:   13:55)

-          Anne, Steve discuss recent music news including Mastodon taking time off to support their manager who is fighting cancer, an actor working at Trader Joe’s to get by, and how that relates to musicians and Metallica are recording their shows for you on this leg of their Hardwired Tour.