The Sound Of Remembering 2018 (Season 2 Episode 38)

Segment One: The Sound Of…2018:   (Time:   14:44)

Anne and Steve recap some of the biggest music events and news of 2018 including Queen’sBohemian Rhapsody film, Ozzy and Elton starting their final tours and Jerry Spencer’s departure from Five Finger Death Punch.

 Segment Two: The Sound Of…2018’s Best Songs:   (Time:   21:09)

Anne, Steve and The Rev select their favorite songs of 2018 for the weekly Top 7 List.

Segment Three: The Sound Of…A Few More Rockers in Heaven:   (Time:   18:01)

 Our 2018 In Memoriam has Steve and Anne looking back at the loss of 16 notable musicians ages 28-88 that passed away in 2018.