The Sound Of...MJ RK and Gello (Season 3 Episode 9)

Segment One: The Sound Of…Questionable Behavior:   (Time:   21:45)
Does an artist’s words and actions affect your ability to enjoy their music. The recent documentaries on R. Kelly and Michael Jackson have prompted some radio stations to stop playing their music. Anne, Steve and The Rev discuss questionable behaviors of artists.

Segment Two: The Sound Of…FFDP:   (Time:     17:18)
Ivan Moody has hit the 1 year mark for being sober which has Anne and Steve selecting their personal top 7 favorite songs From Five Finger Death Punch.

 Encore: The Sound Of…5th or perhaps 6th Era:   (Time:   18:56)
Revenue from streaming now makes up more than half of the money generated by record labels. Era 1 was Vinyl, 2 - 8-Track tape, 3 - Cassette tape on, 4 – CD, 5 – Digital (Downloads and streams).   Which is our favorite?   Do we still own music in every configuration? Has ownership lost its value?