The Sound Of...Lists and the People Who Make Them (Season 2 Episode 21)

Segment One: The Sound Of…Loudwire’s List   (Time:   16:04)

Anne and Steve look at a new list from Loudwire of the Top 50 Hard Rock + Metal Live Acts. Do our host agree? (Of course not!). 

Segment Two: The Sound Of…longer songs:   (Time:   13:53)

Dave Grohl is releasing a film about a 23 minute song…So Steve and Anne select their personal top 7 songs from the longer side (at least 7 minutes).

Segment Three: The Sound Of…Vai, Foreigner and Ageless Metal:   (Time:   13:23)

Anne and Steve (No Rev this week) discuss recent music news including old-timers escaping to the Waken Open Air Festival, Foreigner’s Then and Now shows and Steve Vai’s Gen Axe Tour and 52-Hour Jam a Thon.