The Sound Of...Led Zeppelin (Season 2 Episode28)

Segment One: The Sound Of…LZ at 50:   (Time:   25:48)

In celebration of Led Zeppelin’s 50th Anniversary Anne, and The Rev look into the storied history of the band. Jimmy Page answers a couple of Steve’s questions and Robert Plant salutes Anne from the stage!

 Segment Two: The Sound Of…Led Zeppelin Trivia:   (Time:   14:19)

Who passed on being the singer for the band? Did they play under any other names? Who paid for the 1st album to be recorded? What percussion instrument is used during the opening of “Ramble On?” – Steve, Anne and The Rev have the answers.

 Segment Three: The Sound Of…Zeppelin Songs:   (Time:   16:14)

Anne and Steve somehow narrow their list of personal favorite Led Zeppelin songs down to just 7.