The Sound Of...Generation Axe (Season 2 Episode 34)

Segment One: The Sound Of…Guitar Master Vai:   (Time:   15:00)

Steve Black’s interview with Steve Vai backstage at the Generation Axe show in Detroit. Steve and Steve talk about the tour, the upcoming live album, the recent “Dark Matter” video and the Frank Zappa hologram.

Segment Two: The Sound Of… Father Zakk:   (Time:   9:16)

Steve and Zakk Wylde sit down on the sub (tour bus) to talk about Generation Axe, Black Label Society, Ozzy, and Zakk Sabbath.

Segment Three: The Sound Of…Nuno:   (Time:   7:20)

The 3rd of the Generation Axe conversations is with Nuno Bettencourt of Extreme. The interview covers what it’s like being part of the guitar madness and Nuno’s recent record with Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.