The Sound Of...Drums (Season 2 Episode 30)

Segment One: The Sound Of…Drums (Quiz Style):   (Time:   14:31)

Can you name a song just by listening to the Drums? Steve has isolated drum tracks presented in a game show setting for Anne and Rev to test your rock & roll knowledge.

 Segment Two: The Sound Of…Oli Herbert:   (Time:   13:41)

Oli Herbert from All That Remains passed away on October 17th. Oli was a tremendous guitarists and a valued friend of Steve’s. In his memory we share a conversation between Oli and Steve that took place in January of 2018 in Steve’s state room on board the annual ShipRocked Cruise.

 Segment Three: The Sound Of…The Good Books Encore:   (Time:   19:35)

From Season I - Anne and Steve select their top 7 rock & roll biographies.