The Sound Of...Cinema Magic (Season 3 Episode 7)

Segment One: The Sound Of…A Well Placed Song:   (Time:   21:32)

A great song placed at just the right point in a movie can make all the difference in the world. Anne and Steve select their 7 personal favorite songs as used in a film.

Segment Two: The Sound Of…Black (music) History Month:   (Time:   31:29)

In honor of Black History Month the panel discuss the importance of Willie Dixon, Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Tiny Bradshaw, Bo Diddley and the pioneers of what would become rock & roll.

Segment Three: The Sound Of…Sick musicians:   (Time:   13:37)

Ozzy, Oli from Bring Me The Horizon, Lindsey Buckingham and Dave Grohl are all dealing with health issues. Anne and Steve look at the medical side of life on the road.