The Sound Of Band Names And German Robots

The Sound Of…Band Names and German Robots (Season 2 Episode 26) 

Segment One: The Sound Of…Band Names (Origins)   Time:   22:35

Steve, Anne and The Rev look into the origins of where bands get their names including White Zombie, Greta Van Fleet, Black Sabbath, Kiss, and The Black Keys. 

Segment Two: The Sound Of…Rock & Roll Over and Under:   Time:   19:33

Anne and The Rev put up with Steve’s quiz style rock & roll trivia done in the Over/Under format, oh and German robots and Mexican food too.   

Segment Three: The Sound Of…Stone Sour:   Time:   16:58

Stone Sour’s recent concert in Detroit has Anne and Steve selecting their personal favorites from the band with this week’s Top 7 List.